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Naturavetal® Food Supplement & BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

Wholesome benefits with the power of nature

A proper diet is always provided with Naturavetal, nutrition rich in quality vital elements. Canis Extra Food Supplements provide an extra boost of nutritional vital elements e.g. at times of greater stress or increased physical exertion. The valuable ingredients in Canis Extra Food Supplements provide your dog with nature’s best! They can simply be mixed in with the meal. This means that your four-legged friends get everything they need to meet their requirements and enjoy a healthy life, subject to their physical condition and lifestyle.  It can help to revive the zest for life or stimulate and vitalize the whole metabolism, to support individual organ systems, for growth, age, recuperation or puppy rearing.

Canis Extra Food Supplements contain natural nutrients and active ingredients which can support the body’s self-healing processes, stimulate the metabolism and help the immune system and all in a completely natural way, allowing the body to make active use of Nature’s healing power. Even raw food enthusiasts are always looking out for natural supplements to the raw meat diet. Wholesome nutrition calls for both meat and plant-based constituents. As the diet is the most important prerequisite for good health, Naturavetal has developed BARFPro for all advocates of raw food feeding.

Should you have any questions on our food supplements or feeding recommendations, e.g. in situations with special requirements. Please do call us, our Naturavetal Advisory Team is here to help you with advice and support for every stage of life!

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