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Naturavetal Canis Plus meat pots - for the hungering wolf in your dog

400g £ 2.70
800g £ 4.10
400g £ 2.70
800g £ 4.10
400g £ 2.85
800g £ 4.50

Meat pots for dogs - species-appropriate nutrition for the modern wolf

Scientific evidence supports the thesis that the dog is actually a domesticated wolf whose diet should still be largely based on meat. You will find high quality meat in our meat pots. The only supplements required will be vegetable supplements, a natural source of calcium, and a high-quality oil source. So, our meat pots provides a species-appropriate and digestible meal for our four-legged friends with wolfish roots. We consistently stay away from synthetic ingredients or artificially produced vitamins throughout our product range, thereby making meat pots extremely compatible for naturally pure feeding. To ensure a consistently high quality of production, they are regularly examined by independent laboratories. The aromatic meat pots are available in several flavours, beef, duck and beef rumen (stomach). They appear in various can sizes to provide the appropriate amount of food for big and small gourmets.

Pure meat and valuable offal

As the name implies, our meat pots contain 100% pure meat, a combination of pure meat with selected offal which is gently cooked. As a result, this food is ideal for animals who have a sensitive stomach or allergies and is suitable for an exclusion diet. As part of a healthy diet, the meat pots for dogs provide a naturally gluten and grain-free, single-source protein feed providing an extra portion of vitality. The meaty gourmet meals can be served combined with our high quality Canis Plus® dry food or as a tasty reward in between. The rich meat cans are also popular amongst raw feeders and can be supplemented with flakes or vegetables.

Pure natural meat pots for dogs and other delicious meals

Our meat pots for dogs contain high-quality animal protein, which contributes to a healthy and nutritional diet for your four-legged friend, supplemented with the correct vegetable garnish and a natural calcium source. The meat pots can be combined with our cold-pressed Canis Plus® dry food or as a separate meal. The flavours available are poultry, lamb, beef, rabbit, salmon and sport for demanding nutritional needs. The meat pots supply your dog with everything he needs for a vital and long life. For puppies and young dogs, we also offer special feeds to ensure that development is healthy. And for a delicious reward, our Canis Plus® fish treats are just the thing.

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