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"What would dogs be without humans? They would still be wolves!"
Peter F. Keller, Swiss author

For the carnivorous wolf in a dog

There is scientific evidence that dogs are actually domesticated wolves. It is certainly the case that all dogs have the same evolutionary origin and the same DNA as grey wolves, for they have inherited the identical genetic code of these canids (canines). Our dogs are carnivores, just like their wild ancestors and conspecifics. The anatomical features are unmistakable: sharp pointed teeth for tearing flesh, and a wide-opening jaw joint. Their short, simply designed digestive tract with its very acidic stomach pH value is ideal for digesting and metabolizing protein-rich food.

Near-natural and meat-based

Throughout all the millennia of domestication the dietary habits of these canine carnivores remained virtually unchanged – giving a near-natural meat-based diet even greater biological relevance. It is hardly surprising then, that dogs of all breeds can not only consume the same food as their common ancestors, but even need this to stay healthy.

So meat is needed for the wolf in your dog. In the wild the carnivore at your side would need animal protein to survive and grow up healthy. As predators our dogs’ ancestors not only lived off meat and depending on habitat and season they would also have eaten offal such as tripe, pre-digested grasses and plants, body fluids and fur. Also on the menu were worms, insects, fish, mice, small rodents, roots, berries, herbs and fruit. Thus the almost fully consumed prey supplied the dog not only with protein and fat, but also with other vital nutrients such as calcium from bones, sodium from blood, fat-soluble vitamins – from liver and kidneys in particular and water-soluble vitamins from the intestine and intestinal contents, essential fatty acids from body fat and also indigestible fibrous material from the intestinal contents, essential for the digestive function. So Nature’s predator diet not only finds its way into our cold pressed food, but a close-to-nature blend of ingredients is also included in the meat we supply which is specifically designed to meet a dog’s requirements. So Naturavetal  fulfils your dogs needs  in Nature’s way, with a varied, easily tolerated and digestible diet containing succulent meat. Just like the diet the animal would find and eat in its natural environment.

Meat and much more

It goes without saying that all the types of meat used by Naturavetal are inspected and certified in compliance with strict criteria. Canis Plus Complete Meals, Meat Pots or Meat Rolls are all are rich in protein and provide a wide variety of poultry, meat or fish – to satisfy your dog’s wolfish appetite and the modern animal lover’s requirements. As today’s dog depends on humans for a natural diet, we ought to understand its special needs and assume responsibility for ensuring species-appropriate feeding. As an expert producer we support you with quality products to maintain the health and performance of your faithful companion. We are also always happy to provide masters and mistresses with a first-class consultation service in matters of pet welfare.

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