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Naturavetal Tips on Special Diets for Dogs & BARF

There are many reasons why a dog is dependent on a special diet. Diseases tend to make it necessary to change the feeding on a long-term basis. Like their owners, our four-legged friends can also be affected by allergies or develop intolerances to certain ingredients. Fussy and sensitive dogs will also influence what is being fed. As the owner, you determine what your pet eats. It’s not just about deciding between the different types of dry food and wet food, but Raw/BARF has also become very popular in recent years. The Naturavetal guide will tell you what this is all about and everything about special diets and dog nutrition.

Raw/BARF – more than a trend

The word BARF is an abbreviation of the phrase “Born-again raw feeders”, it can also be known as “Bone and raw food ” or ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’. BARF means feeding the animal with raw meat and fresh vegetables (uncooked). This species-appropriate form of nutrition reflects on the roots of the dog as it evolved from the wolf. In addition to eating the meat, fur and offal of its prey, it also eats its stomach contents as well as roots and fruits from the forest, BARF is even more as it includes fruits, vegetables and herbs as an integral part of the diet. If you want to BARF feed your dog, you have to acquire extensive knowledge so that there is the correct supply of vitamins and nutrients, as an excess of protein can also harm the animal. In the Naturavetal guide to special diets and dog nutrition, we describe extensively all the basics, benefits, but also the risks.

Valuable tips for allergic dogs

The fact that dogs have developed allergies is a civilisation problem, mainly due to environmental pollution, but also to incorrect feeding. Food allergies tend to primarily be attributed to cereals such as wheat. That is why Naturavetal offers several grain-free dog foods, which are anti allergenic, these are highly suitable for allergic dogs and contain only one animal protein source. Even if the veterinarian has diagnosed your dog with a pollen allergy, it is worth switching to a natural and healthy food. This is because species-appropriate nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining health. Sick dogs can become symptom-free through a high-quality special dog diet and regain an excellent quality of life. This can be seen, for example, in their vitality, in their shiny coat and in their strong muscles. We have compiled for you in our dog guide, suitable meat sources for allergic dogs, information on the beneficial intestinal rehabilitation and other helpful tips.

Guide to special dog nutrition - the best food for every animal

Certain breeds, age groups or specially trained dogs require foods to exactly fit their needs. Some dog breeds such as Labradors or Golden Retrievers, for example, tend to be overweight. Especially if they are spoiled with too many treats as they love their food and tend to be constantly hungry. Feeding for overweight dogs is therefore an important topic in our guide to special dog nutrition. In addition, we deal with the two opposites, the sedentary seniors, for whom a small amount of food is sufficient, and active, agile dogs, who use up a lot of energy such as sporty or service dogs. Last but not least, we provide you with practical tips for feeding after castration.

Naturavetal Tip – special diets do not only benefit dogs, but cats can also suffer from allergies and intolerances. In our cat guide you will find tips and information on a variety of topics. For example, learn more about BARF for cats or the right food for an elderly moggie!

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