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The Naturavetal brown rice for the Canis Plus Complete Dog Food Range is solubilised in a protected patented cooking process, the Naturavetal patent. But innovative processing alone does not make healthy dog food. It is also often difficult for the layman to differentiate between the varieties of brown rice. There is paddy rice, harvested straight from the field with all the husk present. This contains 8 – 9% raw fibre. When the 1st husk is removed you get brown rice. This too is surrounded by a husk. White rice is obtained when the last husk is polished off. Different varieties, moreover, have various names, e.g. Landkorn etc. The paddy rice for Naturavetal dog food is cleaned after harvesting and puffed under air pressure and heat (like popcorn). This means that the raw fibre structures are separated from one another without being destroyed. The product is stabilised using a unique pressure process without the addition of any preservatives. As the structures of the whole grain are present with their vitamins and minerals, this is known as wholegrain rice. In ordinary pet food the designation “with rice” means nothing but fragments of fully polished and poorly solubilised rice. This contains hardly any minerals or raw fibre. Our completely unhusked solubilised paddy brown rice contains valuable raw fibre and cellulose which aid intestinal peristalsis and absorb moisture from the gut. This ensures stable, regular digestion and cleansing of the intestinal membrane.


Here again we are talking of raw oats. They are cleaned and husked, as their outermost husk would be too hard to be digested by animals. Following a patented steam cooking, the grains of oat look like oat flakes and are very easily digestible.


The maize is GM-free, but very tasty. It is gluten-free, contains B vitamins and minerals for the heart and nerves, and gives energy. Our maize is also solubilised using air pressure, leaving the proteins largely intact. We are unable to verify negative arguments against maize in respect of behavioural changes. The important things here are quantity and quality.


Browntop millet, one of the oldest cultivated plants, has a hard brown husk and since primeval times has been regarded as a wholesome natural food supplement rich in micronutrients.
Its dark pigmentation makes browntop millet particularly impervious to moisture, so only a selected quality is used by Naturavetal.
Only the outermost husk is removed during processing, because this is indigestible for animals. So it not only retains a high fibre content for healthy intestinal activity, but also supplies minerals, vitamins, trace elements and, most of all, valuable silicon.


Buckwheat is not a grain but a member of the knotweed family and hence is gluten-free while at the same time rich in nutrients and essential amino acids. It can aid in maintaining liver function and is involved in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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