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The Naturavetal Dog Guide

We have built our foundation on an accumulation of experience and expertise. Our team of experts are there for you should you have questions about species-appropriate feeding and care. For the long term, we would like to ensure that more dog owners have the basic knowledge to keep their animals healthy in a pure and natural way. We have been following this path for more than 15 years, and the experience we have gained is shaping our holistic nutrition concepts. We have collected some useful information in our dog guide that will help you to find a way to natural feeding. It is a holistic approach to educating you in the feeding, care, health maintenance and general dog keeping.
We frequently update the dog guide with new, informative contributions. So, stop by more often and gain new insights about your beloved four-legged friend!


Cat owners learn a lot of interesting cat facts in our Cat Guide.

All about Dog Nutrition

As experts in natural dog nutrition, this topic is particularly close to our hearts. Meat of course, is the most important ingredient in species-appropriate dog food. The reasons why, and the relation on how dogs evolved from wolves are in our Dog Guide. We would like to bring to your attention some important oils, vitamins and minerals. There is also an overview of toxic and unhealthy foods, these should be included in your knowledge of dog nutrition. This topic is especially important because chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions and many more food items can be very harmful to your dog. With this knowledge, you can optimally protect your four-legged family friend.

Puppy Guide – a healthy start

A puppy livens up a household and can quickly turn everyday life upside down. And not just by chewing your slippers or shredding all the newspapers. A young dog has high nutritional demands. They require a healthy diet, to sustain a slow and steady growth in order to spare their joints. Our dog guide is not just about feeding. We also provide you with useful information about moving in and settling in a puppy. The Puppy Guide will prepare you for your new family member!

Guide - Special Dog Nutrition & BARF

There are varied reasons why a dog may need to depend on a special diet. Similar to humans, dogs have allergies, intolerances or diseases which will influence which foods are most suitable. Overweight dogs, animals with diseases or conditions, puppies or senior dogs are among those who need a Special Dog Diet. A large topic in our dog guide covers raw feeding/BARF. The feeding of raw meat is closely based on the natural feeding behavior of the wolf and is becoming increasingly popular with many owners. We have compiled the necessary basic knowledge as well as all advantages and disadvantages. In doing so, we also shed light in detail on partial BARF.

Detailed knowledge about caring for a dog

A comfortable bed, a bowl of food and plenty of exercise form a good basis, but there is more to consider, when caring for a dog. Healthy skin and a shiny coat are a good example of this. In addition to species-appropriate food, natural supplements can support your dog. You can read more in our dog guide. Here we also introduce the topic of healthy intestinal rehabilitation. We answer frequent questions from dog owners such as, “My dog eats faeces – what can I do?” You’ll learn how to naturally boost your dog’s immune system, how to deal with ticks, and what to keep in mind with regards to worms.

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