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Our tips on pet food storage and general feeding recommendations

Pet food storage

Do not transfer the food to a storage canister, simply leave in the original paper bag after opening. The bag can be placed in a canister, but the container should not be hermetically (airtight) sealed. Naturavetal tips: Just roll the bag up. The food container should be rinsed once or twice a week. Also be careful not to put your hands into the bag of food so as not to introduce any fungi etc. Canis Plus Complete Dog Food is regularly inspected and reliably certified to ensure that it is free from mites. Naturavetal food is completely mite-free as Naturavetal strictly bans the use of slaughterhouse waste such as feathers, claws and the like.

Changing food

A complete change to cold pressed Canis Plus Complete Dog Food is best, as a mixture of extrudated and cold pressed food is not good for dogs due to the different consistencies of food in the stomach. It is advisable to replace meals with Canis Plus Complete Dog Food straight away. Should there be any pre-existing disorders or symptoms, the changeover can be discussed individually with our advisory team. You can contact us on or 0208 531 7804

Naturavetal® feeding tips

Advice on correct feeding

• Food which is too hot or too cold can cause diarrhoea or vomiting
• Let the dog enjoy feeding in peace
• It may be less stressful to feed more than one dog separately
• Rest is also important after eating, otherwise there is a risk of bloating
• Feeding twice a day is healthier than one big meal
• If the dog does not take any food, place it out of reach after 15 minutes
• Only offer the food again at the next mealtime

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