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Naturavetal® Canis Plus Dog Wet Food as Complete Meal

400g 3.55 £

8.87 £/kg

800g 5.65 £

7.06 £/kg

400g 3.80 £

9.50 £/kg

800g 5.70 £

7.13 £/kg

400g 3.10 £

7.75 £/kg

800g 5.35 £

6.69 £/kg

400g 3.85 £

9.62 £/kg

800g 6.15 £

7.69 £/kg

400g 3.50 £

8.75 £/kg

800g 5.45 £

6.81 £/kg

400g 3.45 £

8.63 £/kg

800g 5.50 £

6.87 £/kg

400g 3.65 £

9.13 £/kg

800g 5.90 £

7.38 £/kg

400g 3.50 £

8.75 £/kg

800g 5.40 £

6.75 £/kg

400g 3.55 £

8.87 £/kg

800g 5.75 £

7.19 £/kg

400g 3.55 £

8.87 £/kg

800g 5.65 £

7.06 £/kg

400g 3.70 £

9.25 £/kg

800g 5.80 £

7.25 £/kg

All-natural wet food for dogs can form the basis of a comprehensive healthy diet for your animal. Our Complete Meals contain a species-appropriate mix with a high percentage of meat, healthy fibre and choice herbs. They come in 410 g and 820 g cans for small and large dogs. Wet Dog Food makes an excellent complete meal, however the menus are ideally suited to combining with cold pressed Canis Plus® Dry Food or with BARF. The wide selection of different types of meat guarantees a real taste experience for every furry friend. The Complete Meals for dogs have a high meat content of approx. 70%.

The weight of your animal also determines its nutritional requirement. That is why we make Canis Plus® in smaller 410 gram cans as well as in a bigger version. The recommended portion is 5% of the current body weight for young growing dogs, 3% for active adult dogs, and 2.5% for older dogs. A point to note is the percentage of high-quality meat, which does not contain any low-value by-products such as claws or feathers.

Our Wet Dog Food guarantees a high meat content of approx. 70%. In the lamb and turkey varieties the recipes excludes grains completely. The chicken and venison menus contain solubilised millet or buckwheat which supply a healthy fibre. Our high-quality Cat Food in Meat Rolls also has a high, species-appropriate meat content of over 80%.
A Balanced Wet Dog Food provides even sensitive pets or allergy-sufferers with a nutritious meal containing all-natural vitamins and minerals, important for healthy growth, strong bones and a beautiful coat.

Delicious flavours and special demands on Wet Dog Food

Our Wet Dog  food provides the correct nutional balance in one meal. Animals who have developed digestive problems or intolerances respond very positively to these healthy recipes . Thanks to the natural blend of high-quality ingredients, all the essential vitamins and minerals are supplied without the addition of synthetic substances.

An overview of Canis Plus® Complete Meals:

  • Chicken with millet and carrots
  • Lamb with pumpkin and apple
  • Turkey with coley and parsnip
  • Venison with buckwheat and forest berries

Our choice of flavours  contain healthy fruit and vegetables and solubilised millet or buckwheat in addition to a high percentage of meat, which make the menus a good alternative to BARF when on holiday. As well as a lamb and two poultry versions our Wet Dog Food with Venison is an extremely popular mix for the allergy-sufferer, containing pears and forest berries in addition to roe deer, red deer and wild boar. The meat content in the Menus comprises of healthy offal and wholesome meat broth as well as pure lean meat.

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