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Felins Plus® - natural dry food for cats

1kg 13.75 £

13.75 £/kg

3kg 32.00 £

10.67 £/kg

7kg 63.90 £

9.13 £/kg

Our dry food is a species appropriate supplement to your cat’s menu, paving the way to the life of a perfectly healthy pet. When you combine this with meat-rich wet food you are doing everything you can for your house cat in nutritional terms. The natural ingredients provide your cat with lots of the nutrients its body needs. Not only is cold pressed dry food healthy, but it tickles a cat’s fastidious palate at the same time. It also makes an ideal supplement for those on a raw diet. A delicious recipe produced without animal testing gives you a sound conscience into the bargain.

Dry food which cats love

High quality ingredients form the basis of tastiness and naturalness in our dry food for your cat. It is gently cold pressed so does not swell in the stomach, thus ensuring easy digestibility.

Dry food does not stress a cat’s digestive system with synthetic additives, but provides it with all-natural vitamins and minerals.

Valuable essential fatty acids from salmon and krill round off the wholesome recipe. Our production process uses absolutely no wheat, soya or dairy products. This makes for a gluten-free meal of pure natural quality.

A healthy cat is a happy cat

Feline health begins with good nutrition. Species-appropriate wet food combined with cold pressed dry food can be a key contributor to the happiness of your purring family member. The high percentage of meat and fish suits both predator and puss. The poultry content provides the feline body with nutritionally valuable fats and proteins, and the fish enriches the diet with unsaturated fatty acids. Green-lipped muscle powder serves as a source of taurine, so important for feline heart and eyesight. Natural calcium from calcified seaweed ensures that bones are strong. Brewer’s yeast makes a cat’s fur glossy and the taste of the dry food is rounded off by catmint, which is guaranteed to set your cat purring.

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