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Canis Plus® Food for Puppies and Young Dogs - Species-appropriate from the start

1kg 7.50 £

7.50 £/kg

5kg 25.50 £

5.10 £/kg

15kg 65.75 £

4.38 £/kg

1kg 7.50 £

7.50 £/kg

5kg 25.50 £

5.10 £/kg

15kg 65.75 £

4.38 £/kg

1kg 8.50 £

8.50 £/kg

5kg 31.75 £

6.35 £/kg

15kg 84.95 £

5.66 £/kg

400g 3.30 £

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800g 5.35 £

6.69 £/kg

A vital, robust start in life is the most valuable gift you can give your young dog. With gluten-free, all-natural cold pressed puppy food not only are you giving your dog a balanced healthy diet in the short term, but you are also saving it from a lifetime’s possible excess of synthetic additives. Feeding is considerably more than filling the stomach.

Healthy puppy food for young dogs

A young dog’s development calls for numerous valuable nutrients, which must be contained in the dog food. To ensure the species-appropriate development of young dogs, our range features pure natural puppy food which supports healthy development in a species-appropriate way.
In the sensitive development phase the provision of careful nutrition is very important. Correct feeding will  ensure healthy organ development, muscle and joint formation and appropriate bone growth, harmonious hormone interaction and healthy teeth.

Great care is taken in our production and content to guarantee not only a healthy mix of constituents, but also the complete absence of any unnecessary substances such as synthetic additives. Dogs big and small will benefit  from our wide selection of puppy food, which provides the right-sized pellets for their mouths.

What is in species-appropriate puppy food?

The natural blend of ingredients in our puppy food for young dogs takes account of the biological requirements of growing dogs. The most important component of dog food is therefore high-quality meat or fish without any by-products such as claws or feathers. Single-source protein in the form of poultry or salmon ensures the supply of important proteins. Added to this are salmon oil and minerals, vitamins from various varieties of fruit and vegetables, and solubilised whole brown rice or millet.

Carrots, bananas, dandelion and carob are only a few of the natural ingredients which have a positive impact on the slow and steady growth of young dogs. High-quality proteins and calcium from seaweed promote the perfect growth of muscles, joint and bones.

Different puppy recipes for different requirements

Our healthy, gently cold pressed puppy food is available in normal pellet size for small and medium-sized breeds of dog. We also supply our all-natural food in larger pellets so that larger breeds find them easier to chew. This is the pellet size you will find in our Canis Plus® Complete Food for Adult Dogs. You can order the larger or smaller pellets in three different quantities as required.

The advantages of Canis Plus Puppies & Young Dogs Puppy food: Gently cold pressed, does not swell in the stomach. Formulated with pure natural vitamins and minerals, also an ideal meal replacement for those on a partially raw diet

The Salmon version for sensitive dogs relies on salmon instead of poultry as the sole source of animal protein. This puppy food is ideal for allergy-sufferers and has the  optimal content of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids in addition to many choice herbs.

This is also recommended for pregnant bitches. All the Canis Plus® varieties are suitable for dogs on a partially raw diet. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss using our puppy food in a special feeding plan for sensitive young dogs.

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