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Naturavetal® Care and Hygiene for Dogs: Beautifully cared for naturally

As well as affection and species-appropriate nutrition, what your pet needs most is painstaking loving care to ensure its optimum welfare. Naturavetal offers a range of top quality products to care for well groomed dogs, and the beneficial results can be seen right away! Naturally pampering care products and gentle forms of protection are essential for general wellbeing. Naturavetal® Dog Care products provide natural alternatives for the healthy care of skin, coat, ears, paws and teeth.

Naturavetal® Dog Care and Hygiene product range - designed to meet the needs of a dog’s skin and coat

Naturavetal cleansing has been developed to respect the pH of the skin’s acid mantle. Animal care and protection should not be left to chance, a correct product should be used.. For us this applies not only to the care and protection of eyes, ears, paws, skin and coat – but also to protection from troublesome pests such as ticks and vermin, and parasites like mites and fleas, which can pose a real risk to animals. Naturavetal hygiene products can keep these at bay naturally, non toxically,controlling through a purely plant based means Using the power of Nature against unwelcome guests and bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses! Hygiene is advisable when living in close proximity to your best friend. Loving your pet also means species-appropriate dog-friendly cleaning and cleanliness so that it feels good in its own skin.

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