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Which dog food is suitable for your dog?

Providing dogs with an all-natural diet without synthetic additives is the foundation stone of our healthy nutrition plan for dogs. You and your dog are a team, you know best which dog food is the perfect match for you, your dog and your everyday life, be it cold pressed dry food, Complete Meal, Meat Pot with mixed flakes or raw feed. You will find the best natural ingredients with us.

Which dog food is suitable for a normally active dog?

Canis Plus® poultry or lamb are our ultra high-quality cold pressed classics. Their unique blend of ingredients makes them into particularly tasty and easily digestible premium food for adult dogs. The exclusive recipes are impressive: each has poultry or lamb as a single protein source, is easily digestible and is supplemented by wholegrain brown rice and hulled oats solubilised in accordance with our protected, patented cooking process. Fruit, vegetables, herbs and healthy minerals from seaweed are added. Healthy, versatile classics for all breeds, made from all-natural ingredients. Dogs with no sensitivities may also like to alternate between our dry food varieties.

Which dog food is suitable for sensitive dogs and those prone to allergies?

For allergy-prone and sensitive dogs we recommend our Canis Plus Salmon and our Canis Plus Rabbit, both ideal for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

Fish supports the whole canine metabolism and ranks highest in biological value. Easily digestible salmon contains a high percentage of vital omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which benefit dogs. The positive characteristics in  Canis Plus® Salmon  can be particularly helpful with skin, gastrointestinal, cardiac and joint problems. Browntop millet is used instead of traditional grains, giving nutritional value to the food even if the dog has a grain allergy.

Canis Plus® Rabbit dry food is an especially high-quality cold pressed food of a unique blend which makes a superb premium food for sensitive or allergy-prone dogs and is naturally an absolute treat for our four-legged gourmet friends. Canis Plus® Rabbit dry food features rabbit, a low-cholesterol source of protein, high-fibre buckwheat with many nutrients and vital elements, and essential amino acids.

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Which dog food for puppies and young dogs?

Flexibility in feeding puppies can play a key role in their subsequent tolerance of individual types of food. Many breeders do not therefore feed with only one kind of food, but combine wet, dry and even raw food. This means that puppies can become accustomed to the taste of different kinds of food and their digestive systems benefit from the variety, often being less sensitive to subsequent changes.

For puppies and young dogs up to 12 months old you can choose between our cold pressed Canis Plus Puppies & Young Dogs, Canis Plus Puppies & Young Dogs Salmon and our Puppy Menus – or simply combine them.
Canis Plus Puppies & Young Dogs Poultry or Salmon are cold pressed natural complete foods with a particularly high meat content and choice natural herbs, designed to meet the nutritional requirements of their growing phase.

We supply wholesome wet food Puppy Menus for your growing dog. Each of the three varieties provides puppies and young dogs with plenty of meat from only one source of animal protein (beef, lamb or goat). The valuable Moor supports the development of a healthy digestive system, all of which are grain-free. So all Naturavetal’s feeding concepts provide pure natural nourishment designed to give puppies and young dogs a healthy start to a long life.

Which dog food for the sporting and very active dog?

Canis Plus Sport provides an extra portion of meat for sporting breeds ensuring sustained performance and stamina. This cold pressed natural complete food is ideal for all dogs needing an increased energy requirement. It is a substantial complete food with only one source of protein for optimum tolerance and an increased proportion of meat and fat to supply energy.

Which dog food for dogs with a grain allergy?

Dogs with a grain intolerance/allergy also acquire a taste for our Canis Plus Complete Meals. A wide range of varieties featuring chicken, lamb, turkey & coley or venison meet your dog’s need for vital vitamins, proteins, trace elements and minerals in an entirely natural way. We never use synthetically produced vitamins or acceptance-improving synthetic additives.

Which dog food for overweight dogs?

Dogs that have to watch their figures will benefit from our Complete Meals or our Canis Plus Poultry. You can also try the low-calorie chicken or venison meat varieties as a meat roll, supplemented by our grain-free TopFitMix flake blend with a calcium source such as calcareous marine algae.

Which dog food for severe allergy sufferers?

For dogs with various allergies we supply pure meat in the form of our Meat Rolls or Meat Pots – here you can put the meal together to suit your individual dogs needs or this can easily provides a means for an elimination diet.

Which dog food is suitable for underweight dogs?

Canis Plus® beef is suitable for dogs that are underweight or have trouble maintaining their weight. Beef is the only source of animal protein with an extra portion of valuable beef fat to fulfill the needs of dogs with higher energy requirements. Steamed brown millet is a healthy grain-alternative making the food easily digestible in the gastrointestinal area. Canis Plus® Beef is particularly suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

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