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Felins Plus® Natural Food Supplement for Cats

The Naturavetal Online Shop supplies one hundred percent natural food supplements to help you nourish your cat with the best nutrients in a species appropriate way. In the wild your domestic “predator” would automatically be provided with all its bodily needs from its natural food sources. But as these times are past for the domestic cat, it is up to you as its master or mistress to ensure a balanced diet. This is not always easy, as cats have a reputation as being picky eaters. So taking healthy supplements make it easier to provide all-round care of your little darlings.

Natural supplements for cats

Natural supplements are suitable for all cats. They are a perfect supplement to meat, even for raw food eaters. The natural ingredients complement the diet, ensuring that a house cat gets all the nutrients it needs. Only well fed cats are happy cats. The cold pressed oils such as salmon oil, krill oil or coconut oil are of a high-quality ensuring that the important nutrients are ingested easily.

Extra calcium in the form of organic eggshell powder is especially important for those on a raw food diet. The green-lipped mussel powder is also a natural source of taurine and of special importance to a house cat’s diet.

Feline health begins in the gut

A healthy intestinal environment is of paramount importance to the health of mammals. Food supplements like Felins Plus Worm Inhibitor® or Felins Plus Vermcurat® provide plant-based intestinal care for cats. In this way you help give your domesticated cat autoimmunity to any worm infestation by promoting a resistant intestinal environment. The lactic acid contained in Felins Plus® Petflora also supports the functioning of the intestinal mucosa. A healthy gastrointestinal tract is the best barrier against pathogens which can get into a cat’s body. And a normally functioning intestinal flora is the organism’s best defence against viruses and bacteria. This food supplement is also ideal for cats with allergy problems.

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