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Naturavetal Canis Plus® Cracker Snacks – dog biscuits fresh from the baker

These are a culinary delight, hand crafted with loving care for dogs with a sweet tooth. Especially suitable for diet-conscious dog lovers who like to pamper their four-legged friends with healthy rewards. For Canis Plus Snack Crackers not only taste good, they are good, so dogs stay super fit and healthy even when they’re snacking. Naturavetal dog biscuits are delicious healthy snacks for gourmets big and small, always lovingly freshly baked and packaged in an environmentally friendly paper bag.

Dog biscuits with natural ingredients

The wholemeal flour in Canis Plus Dog Biscuits is freshly milled to retain all the nutritional wholegrain goodness. These flavoursome bestsellers have not only been subjected to rigorous canine testing and awarded the Sniffer Seal of Cordon Bleu Quality, they also reflect food standard quality made with loving care. The ingredients are 100% German – and naturally the same goes for production. These crunchy biscuits are cracking tailwagger snacks and a top reward for fun and games when out and about. Because of their dry consistency they are unbeatable as a training aid! Canis Plus Tailwagger biscuits are small, baked dry so not sticky or greasy, and easy to eat. These little goodies provide great inspiration for creative play or for filling various toys. Which means that dogs always have something to do and are kept busy with well-adjusted activity. Baked until hard, they also help to clean the teeth. It is of paramount importance to Naturavetal that every single biscuit is hand madewith skill and total commitment, so any small differences in shape and colour – sometimes lighter or darker, bigger or smaller – are the hallmark of individuality and passionate hand made craftmanship. We think this is far preferable to industrial perfection and we always put true quality and class before mass production.

Naturavetal® Canis Plus Biscuits for Dogs Snack Crackers - pure crunchy delight:

  • always freshly baked & made in Germany
  • 100% only with natural ingredients
  • wheat strictly banned
  • no colourings, attractants or preservatives
  • no synthetic additives
  • free from flavour enhancers
  • guaranteed free from sugar and salt
  • packed in bags with a food-grade coating

Natural dog biscuits for snacking dogs

Our canine friends enjoy treats as a quick little snack between meals, just like us humans. Unlike nibbles for dogs’ friends, our dog biscuits are true fitness foods, lovingly hand made using natural ingredients. All the ingredients originate and are prepared from Germany.

The dog biscuits in Canis Plus® come in various delicious, all-natural recipes designed for dogs in all circumstances and situations. These little snack crackers contain vitamin-rich fruits as well as herbs, minerals and valuable fibre, making them particularly nutritious and easy to digest.

Canis Plus® Dog Biscuits in four exciting varieties

In our dog biscuits we set great store by a natural production process using well-tolerated ingredients which suitably support your dog’s species-appropriate diet and supply additional nutrients in special situations such as illness or allergies. A characteristic common to all our varieties is that they contain absolutely no colourings, preservatives, attractants or wheat. Sugar and salt have no place in our dog biscuits, and artificial flavour enhancers and synthetic additives are deliberately avoided.

Canis Plus® Dog Biscuits - our varieties

Canis Plus® Vegetarian Tail Waggers
Our Banana-Apple Snack Crackers are a perfect food supplement for dogs that have to avoid protein, e.g. if they are in detox. These dog biscuits are therefore vegetarian and contain powerful spelt flour in addition to a high percentage of fruit. Easy-to-digest banana also gives your animal folic acid and vitamin B6.

Canis Plus® Cookies
These are buttermilk-herb crackers based on the five wholesome herbal ingredients of chervil, cress, chives, parsley and sorrel. Thanks to the buttermilk, the gluten-free recipe of these dog biscuits is also low in fat but rich in calcium and protein. In combination with maize meal and its associated magnesium and calcium it supports a species-appropriate diet for healthy muscles and bones.

Canis Plus® Wonder Bars
These dog biscuits with a blend of turkey breast and oats contain egg and carrots for added power. Your canine friend will love the all-natural blend, which makes a perfect reward during games and lessons during extended excursions. They provide a real boost and motivation as well as increasing your dog’s energy reserves.

Canis Plus® Happy Tails
Allergy-prone dogs not only benefit from the natural ingredients in our Salmon-Courgette Cracker Snacks, they also get essential minerals and protein from valuable salmon oil and wholemeal spelt flour.

Dog biscuits in optimum form

Our popular dog biscuits provide the best care for your pet, with the emphasis on pure natural ingredients prepared by hand. We insist on individual production, so any small differences in the colour and shape of our crackers is a special feature of handcrafted quality. These dog biscuits are not greasy or sticky and go down well in one bite during every conceivable training exercise and game. In addition they are ideal for putting in toys, keeping dogs busy for prolonged periods. This means that there’s never a dull moment.

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