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What veterinary surgeons recommend

More and more vets are now turning to natural pet foods. Veterinary research shows most clearly that the wrong diet can result in serious illness. There is a growing recognition that species-appropriate, natural feeding is best for a long, happy, active animal life, as an animal’s health also depends on what it eats.

As a producer thinking and acting in purely holistic terms, Naturavetal’s most fervent concern is the welfare of the animals entrusted to us – by way of a proper diet! In association with alternative therapeutic options and natural regulation techniques many chronic degenerative diseases can then be prevented in the first place.

We are frequently told by customers, vets and animal health practitioners that there is no comparable dry food of really good quality which meets the needs of pets so well. Canis Plus for dogs and Felins Plus Dry Food for cats are cold pressed and contain no colouring or flavouring additives or preservatives. We have opted for a strictly cold pressed production policy out of conviction – and therefore use only raw materials which guarantee outstanding, all-natural quality for our customers and their animals.

Raw feeding is one of the best dietary options for feeding animals. Unfortunately, in our fast-moving world not all dog and cat owners have the leisure to feed their animals with fresh meat and vegetables. That is why our cold pressed dry food contains brown rice, millet, maize and oats as grain, as well as plenty of animal protein, natural herbs, seaweed and essential oils – to provide our four-legged friends with wholesome sustenance. You won’t find allergenic ingredients like wheat and barley in Naturavetal products.

As a valuable alternative to fresh meat or for a tasty change, Naturavetal Complete Meals, Meat Pots or Meat Rolls for dogs and Menu Rolls for cats are a good choice for a naturally healthy animal diet.

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