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Why Canis Plus® Complete Dog Food is so special

The benefits of natural feeding with Canis Plus® complete feed

The Canis Plus® benefits

• Gently cold pressed, substantial complete nutrition
• Contains more than 60% fresh meat or fish prior to drying
• Single-source animal protein, from only salmon, poultry or lamb
• Valuable essential fatty acids from salmon oil
• Genuine, ultra-powerful sprouted browntop millet and hulled oats
• Vitamins and minerals are all of natural origin
• With DogProMin Complex from seaweed and herbs
• Gluten free, easily digestible recipes
• Free from fillers, colouring agents and preservatives
• Free from poor quality by-products such as feather meal, claws and horn
• No added colouring agents, flavourings or preservatives
• No soya, wheat or dairy products
• GM-free, not tested on animals, environmentally responsible production
• Quality assured by independent laboratory analysis

The essence of life

Ultra-powerful sprouted seeds of browntop millet and hulled oat are a distinctive feature of cold pressed Canis Plus Complete Dog Food. These sprouted seeds contain the “essence of life”. They are where new plants store vitamins, minerals, protein, omega-3, -6, -9 fatty acids and natural antioxidants, and they incorporate tremendous vitality.

Germination can increase their vitamin content by between 400 and 600%. Sprouted seeds are tender in texture and thus easily digestible. They have very high enzyme activity, which is not present in the dormant seed. Canis Plus Complete Dog Food is, moreover, the only food containing the 100% natural, nutritionally valuable vital complex DogProMin from seaweed and herbs. This aids the metabolism in the best possible way and prevents nutritional deficiencies: prevention is better than cure.

By contrast with other traditional dog foods, Canis Plus dry food does not swell up in the stomach and simply breaks down into its individual components – just as nature intended. This is gentle on the stomach and can play a positive role in its natural peristalsis. This can aid intestinal peristalsis and promote natural intestinal cleansing, thus reducing the risk of parasitic activity in the gut. Such activity quite often triggers food allergies. A high standard of quality is of paramount importance to Naturavetal. All ingredients are openly and individually disclosed on the declaration.

The favourite for animal gourmets

Animal and  vegetable by-products such as feather meal, claws and horn, or stalks, stems and leaves are not used in Canis Plus Complete Dog Food, these have no place in dog food! Nor does Canis Plus Complete Dog Food contain any fillers, so the food is extremely digestible, therefore the feeding quantity is lower, and the volume of faeces is reduced commensurately. The ingredients are freshly processed – without the addition of preservatives. This ensures naturally healthy nutrition, even for animals with health problems.

All ingredients are rigorously selected with the greatest care, and are regularly inspected by recognised independent laboratories. With its incomparable quality and delicious flavours,the Canis Plus Range is the animal gourmet’s favourite, it is devoured with great gusto. Canis Plus Complete Dog Food also combines well with raw food, Naturavetal Meat Pots and Meat Rolls or home-cooked food. Additionally it can also be used, for example, as holiday food for dogs that would otherwise be given fresh food.

Canis Plus® Complete Dog Food comes in these eight delicious varieties: Poultry, Lamb, Beef, Salmon, Rabbit, Sport, Game, Poultry for puppies, Salmon for puppies

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