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The Canis Plus® Puppy Menus

Wholesome feeding

Flexibility in feeding puppies can play a key role in their subsequent tolerance of individual types of food. Many breeders do not therefore feed with only one kind of food, but combine wet, dry and even raw food. This means that puppies can become accustomed to the taste of different kinds of food and their digestive systems benefit from the variety, often being less sensitive to subsequent changes. We have created three new Complete Meals for puppies and young growing dogs so that you can always offer your puppies a food which is individually tailored to suit their needs and their everyday lives. Each of the three varieties provides puppies and young dogs with plenty of meat from a single source of animal protein, and all of which are grain-free. So with all Naturavetal’s feeding concepts you can provide pure natural nourishment designed to give puppies and young dogs a healthy start to a long life.

Canis Plus® Puppy Menus from Naturavetal

Feeding recommendation

Daily amount with reference to the dog’s current body weight (BW):

Dogs up to the age of 7 months: approx. 5-8% of BW
From 7-12 months: approx. 3-5% of BW
From 13 months our Canis Plus® Complete Meals can be served.

All our menus can be combined with Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food or with raw food in separate meals.
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