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Puppy Guide - tips for dealing with your new family member

Small, brave, curious and adorably cute. This is how a puppy arrives at its new home. Everything is new, exciting, and scary. While stealing your heart, this fluffy four-legged pet must firstly get to know its owner(s). A young dog grows into the family, and the family grows alongside it. It is quite natural that questions arise during this process – especially if this is the first puppy. In this puppy guide you will get important, valuable tips and useful information for owners of puppies. Helping you, to make your new family member feel comfortable right from the start.

What basic equipment does a puppy need?

The arrival of the puppy plays a significant role because he/she should be happy from the beginning. To start with, some basic equipment needs to be available in the new home. These include easy-to-clean food and water bowls as well as species-appropriate toys and a comfortable dog bed. Since puppies grow quickly, you may need to get a larger model. A basket with a large dog pillow is also suitable, but it should not be made of willow. There is a risk that something will chip off if the puppy chews on the wicker basket. A dog blanket is more suitable for a nap. The puppy guide is also about the care of the young dogs. The basic equipment for puppies therefore necessarily includes a dog towel, tick pliers, a brush or comb, a pair of hair and nail scissors and a first aid kit. For outdoor activities, the puppy absolutely needs a harness or collar as well as a transport box or a seat harness for the car.

Healthy natural nutrition is not a question of age

Species-appropriate food contributes significantly to the short and long-term health of the dog. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a healthy natural diet whatever the age. Be sure to talk to the breeder in detail to find out what dog food the puppy is used to. Many dog breeders already distance themselves from the commercial extruded puppy food and switch to cold-pressed food or even feed raw/BARF to their puppies. Natural meals that are without synthetic vitamins and flavorings, these represent the healthiest and most species-appropriate diets. It is therefore recommended to switch a puppy directly to cold-pressed Canis Plus® puppy food. If resistant to change, you can find out how to get a young dog used to a different food in our puppy guide. Naturavetal’s puppy food is designed for a slow and continuous growth of the young dog. This protects their joints and lays the foundation for a happy, healthy and long life. The young dog should be fed the food for at least until the first birthday, to positively support growth with the optimised energy content. BARF can also be easily combined with Canis Plus®.

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