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Canis Plus® InsectVetal®

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Our first cold-pressed insect protein dry food made from the larva of Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly). This food offers the opportunity to conserve natural resources with species-appropriate feeding. It is healthy, sustainable, animal-friendly and has the lowest ecological footprint.

Our gluten-free, dried insect larvae recipe is gently cold pressed into a pellet form so that the valuable nutrients from our proven DogProMin complex and other ingredients are preserved optimally. Whole grain rice provides healthy nutrients as well as having a low allergy potential. The larvae of the Hermetia illucens contains a high proportion of protein, fat, and a healthy amount of lauric acid. This simple creation is easily digested and tolerated for food-sensitive dogs or dogs with allergies.

The ecological advantages of insect rearing are numerous.  They require less space in arable land and other natural resources. They require significantly less water for rearing, and they have low emissions of ammonia and CO2. It becomes clear why this new way of feeding can become so important for people who are mindful of the environment.

Used as a substantial supplementary feed, Canis Plus® InsectVetal® should be fed alternately with our complete feed. This is because the insect calcium and phosphorus content is different from that of meat or fish. Our Canis Plus® InsectVetal, fed in separate meals, can be combined with all Canis Plus® foods and with BARF. This reduces meat consumption and provides the dog with a holistic, and species-appropriate care. (there is more in-depth information about our Canis Plus® InsectVetal® on this page.)

Our Canis Plus® InsectVetal, can be fed as a separate meal or be combined with all our Canis Plus® foods and with BARF.

Composition - Complementary feed for dogs

  •  unpeeled whole grain rice
  •  dried insect larvae 24% (Hermetia illucens/Black Soldier Fly)
  •  carob
  •  coconut oil
  •  brewer's yeast
  •  bananas
  •  seaweed
  •  lime from seaweed
  •  malt sprouts
  •  diatomaceous earth
  •  field horsetail
  •  blueberry
  •  restharrow root
  •  cranberry
  •  meadowsweet
  •  mallow leaves
  •  birch leaves
  •  oak bark
  •  buckwheat and mung bean seedlings

Analytical Constituents - Complementary feed for dogs

  • crude protein 20.76%
  •  fat content 8.09%
  •  crude fibre 6.48%
  •  crude ash 4.79%
  •  calcium 0.94%
  •  phosphorus 0.44%


As a supplementary feed, Canis Plus® InsectVetal® should be fed in separate meals alternating with the Canis Plus® complete meals or BARF. The feeding recommendation for adult dogs is based on their current body weight.

Daily ration:

5 kg 80 gr
10 kg 125 gr
15 kg 165 gr
20 kg 215 gr
25 kg 250 gr
30 kg 280 gr
35 kg 340 gr
40 kg 370 gr
45 kg 410 gr
50 kg 450 gr
60 kg 510 gr
70 kg 600 gr

We advise switching immediately to our cold-pressed food for the entire meal, because mixing two types of food can cause problems due to their different consistencies.

This feeding recommendation applies to adult dogs. These are average values that were determined in practice. The optimal amount of food for the dog depends on their age and temperament.

Contents: depending on the selected product size: 1kg - 5kg

Shelf life: 6 months after production

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