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Canis Extra Dental Care - 30ml

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Good canine health begins in the mouth, healthy teeth are vital for dogs. Dogs need fully functional dentition to aid their digestive process. This begins in the mouth with ingesting and masticating the food. Regular mouth and teeth hygiene with appropriate cleaning plays an important part in this. Only cleaning the teeth for around 30 seconds each day pays enormous dividends for dental health.

The base oils in Canis Extra Dental Care are almond and sesame oil, these soften plaque when applied regularly to the teeth using the practical brush. The oils also provide the organism with unsaturated fatty acids and can soothe irritation.

The tiny abrasive crystal particles in Original Rügener Dreikronen Healing Chalk adhere to the plaque. Use your little finger as a toothbrush to apply the blend of oils like toothpaste. Rosemary extract acts as a natural preservative and prevents rancidity. Myrrh promotes healing and soothes the pain of mouth inflammation. Fennel, aniseed and marigold oil are helpful for inflammation, bacterial attack and fungi. In herbal medicine sage is one of the most effective means of caring for the teeth and mucous membranes as it is germicidal, strengthens the gums and ensures good breath. Coriander oil promotes saliva formation which in turn serves to harden teeth, and has outstanding bactericidal properties. The correct saliva pH value is a prerequisite for healthy canine mouth hygiene. If the pH value is too acidic, bacteria can multiply faster and encourage tartar to form over time. They also produce an unpleasant mouth odour while at the same time providing an ideal breeding ground for inflammation of the gums. Canis Extra Dental Care is a pleasantly smelling blend of oils which helps dogs by softening and removing plaque. The antibacterial essential oils inhibit germs, promote healthy oral mucosa with fresh breath, inhibit flora in the long term and can prevent tartar if used regularly.

Dogs can safely swallow the valuable oils, which then make a positive contribution to healthy gastrointestinal flora.

  • almond oil
  • sesame oil
  • Original Rügener Dreikronen Healing Chalk
  • marigold oil
  • rosemary extract
  • fennel oil
  • aniseed oil
  • sage oil
  • myrrh oil
  • coriander oil

Canis Extra Dental Care for cleaning teeth and stabilising oral mucosa. For regular dental care apply to teeth and gums once a daily using the brush, and in addition rub over the teeth with the little finger.

Shake well before use.

Contents: 30 ml
Best before date: 2 years from the date of production

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