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Canis Extra Green-lipped Mussel Powder - 70g

Canis Extra Green-lipped Mussel Powder is a natural source of taurine, it is used for supplementing a meat diet and maintaining a healthy metabolism. The New Zealand green-lipped mussel (lat. Perna canaliculus) provides joints and cartilage with important nutrients, increasing elasticity and thus promoting healthy mobility. Green-lipped mussels are rich in glycosaminoglycans (GAGs for short), omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and amino acids, which nourish connective tissue and can aid the healing of arthritis and joint disorders. GAGs are an important component in joint lubrication, while at the same time supporting the supply of nutrients to the tissue in the joints. GAGs are subject to formation and decomposition which is influenced by age, wear and tear, metabolic disorders or disease. The consequences are increased GAG decomposition, causing joint overloads, as well as decreasing viscosity of the synovial fluid viscosity and accelerated wear. Scientific studies have established another benefit of green-lipped mussels, an anti-inflammatory effect! The omega-3 fatty acids contained in them make a key contribution to inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis. The use of mussel extracts is beneficial for the following:

  • Provides the building blocks for developing and regenerating bones, cartilage and joints
  • for strengthening connective tissue
  • for the stability and elasticity of ligaments and tendons
  • for optimum skeletal development in young animals
  • for boosting the vitality of older animals

Straight feed for dogs

  • 100% green-lipped mussel meat (Perna canaliculus)

Straight feed for dogs

  • raw protein 66.30%
  • fat content 9.50%
  • raw ash 7.10%
  • moisture content 1.20%
  • Weight up to 5 kg - 2 knife tips
  • Weight 6 - 15 kg - from 2 knife tips to 1/4 scoop
  • Weight 16 - 29 kg - 1/4 scoop

Weight 30 kg and above - 1/2 scoop

Contents: 70g
Best before date: 2 years from the date of production

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