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Canis Extra Krill Oil - 60 capsules

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Krill is concentrated vitality from the pure waters of the Antarctic, where there are vast shoals of this tiny crustacean with the Latin name of Euphausia superba. The name “krill” comes from the Norwegian and the meaning is tantamount to “whale food” – which is what these crustaceans primarily are. In the sea shoals of krill form a gigantic biomass weighing well over one hundred million tonnes. In comparison krill oil is a byword for strength and purity, for the tiny crustaceans feed on a purely vegetable diet of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is a powerhouse of valuable nutrients – containing minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and fibre, which the krill absorb with their food.

Canis Extra Krill Oil Capsules have impressive properties providing the purest Fit-Fat for dogs: The high-quality essential omega-3 fatty acids fill the gaps in a dog’s diet and the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is particularly beneficial. There are just under 200 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids in one gram of krill oil! These easily utilised omega-3 fatty acids can make a positive contribution to cardiac health and to maintaining the musculoskeletal system as a whole, thus preventing signs of wear at an early stage. They are a perfetct supplement for dogs with stiff joints.

It is also worth noting that the omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil bind to phospholipids, making them easily absorbed in the cells. Phospholipids, the main component of cell membranes, ensure elasticity and functionality, play an important role in the metabolism, and encourage the elimination of toxins by the liver.

Due to the high level of astaxanthin from the algae eaten by the krill, the oil extracted from krill is considered to be Nature’s “red miracle”, as the secondary phytochemical astaxanthin not only gives krill and other crustaceans their bright red colour but is also known to be a potent antioxidant with the ability to overcome cell barriers. This means that it can also bind radicals inside cells and can pass the blood-brain barrier, which makes astaxanthin a very special antioxidant. These properties can help astaxanthin not only to protect the cells, but also to play a positive part in maintaining the health of the nervous system, eyes and brain.
It aids oxidative stress (Free radicals damage or “oxidize” cells throughout the body in a process called oxidative stress) can be an enormous strain on the body and is a major cause of cell degeneration and aging symptoms.

Krill oil can make a valuable contribution to maintaining a healthy body and preventing the associated signs of ageing.

Canis Extra Krill Oil Capsules contain pure krill oil, are free from preservatives and have no artificial colourings.

Food Supplement for Dogs

  • Krill oil
  • Capsule casing: gelatine (fish), glycerine, water

Food Supplement for Dogs
Details per capsule:

  • omega-3 fatty acids 132.5 mg
  • EPA 71 mg
  • DHA 42.5 mg
  • omega-6 fatty acids 7.5 mg
  • natural astaxanthin 0.63 mg
  • phospholipids 210 mg

Small breeds of up to 20 kg: 1 capsule/day
Large breeds of 20 kg and over: 2 capsules/day

Add the capsules to meat, dry food or wet food. Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

Contents: 60 capsules
Best before date: 1 year from date of production

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