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Canis Plus® Puppy Menu Beef

400g 3.30 £

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800g 5.10 £

6.38 £/kg

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Product Nr.: 2502

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incl. 20 % VAT + delivery, free over £45 *

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The Beef Puppy Menu, contains broccoli and Moor with a lot of meat and good offal. Created with only one protein source, it is ideal for gradually accustoming puppies to different types of meat. With more meat and calcium and no grains, it is suitable for puppy rearing and young growing dogs.

Our Puppy Menus are also a valid alternative for dogs on a raw diet because or the flexibility between our dry food and wet food. Broccoli is a real superfood for bowel and brain performance, and carrots and pears contribute flavour and variety. Valuable herbs and hemp oil round off the rich blend of ingredients.

A special feature is that it contains Moor, which can play a daily part in supporting the digestive system. So Moor can also benefit the stomach and bowels when there are minor digestive irregularities. As always, we use absolutely no synthetic vitamins, preservatives or flavour enhancers in our Puppy Menus.

Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Beef and offal 74% (lean meat 40%, heart 20%, lung 20%, tripe 15%, liver 5%)
  • beef broth 9%,
  • broccoli 5%,
  • carrot 4%,
  • Moor 3%,
  • pear 2.8%,
  • hemp oil 1%,
  • eggshell powder 0.5%,
  • watercress 0.5%,
  • seaweed meal 0.2%

Complete Food for Dogs

  • raw protein 11.30%
  • fat content 7.10%
  • raw fibre 1.00%
  • raw ash 2.20%
  • calcium 0.42%
  • phosphorous 0.30%
  • moisture content 77.10%

With reference to the dog’s current body weight (BW):

Dogs up to the age of 7 months: approx. 5-8% of BW
From 7-12 months: approx. 3-5% of BW

From 13 months our Canis Plus® Complete Meals can be served.

These guide values should be individually adapted to the dog’s temperament and age.

Contents: 400 g - 800 g
Best before: 12 months from the date of production

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