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Felins Plus® Ear Care - 50ml

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Felins Plus Ear Care cleans thoroughly and gently, it can be used as a precautionary measure against inflammation and ear mite infestation. Many cats are prone to smelly, sometimes dirty brownish ears as a result of mite infestation. This can be associated with itching and even inflammation. This refreshing and cooling ear care product provides effective help in such cases. Thanks to the pipette attachment it couldn’t be more practical to use. Of course Felins Plus Ear Care is totally natural and free from any synthetic additives.

  • aqua
  • Pinus sylvestris
  • neem oil
  • tea tree oil from certified organic farming or grown in the wild
  • geranium oil
  • lavender oil

In acute cases apply 1-2 drops into the ear once or twice daily.
For ear care apply 1 drop once a week and then clean the ear gently.

Contents: 50 ml
Best before date: 2 years from the date of production

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