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Canis Extra Mineralmoor

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  • Supports the healthy digestive system
  • Promotes regeneration of the intestinal mucous membrane
  • Can nutritionally stop dirt and faeces eating
  • Can positively influence drinking behavior
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Analytical Constituents

Traditionally Moor has successfully been used for centuries to support a healthy digestive tract and boost the body’s natural defences. Due to its valuable constituents and high bioavailability it is ideally suited to all stages of life, from puppies to older dogs.

As well as supporting the digestive and immune systems, Canis Extra Mineralmoor can also have a beneficial effect in pregnancy preparation, breeding and loss of appetite, and its high nutrient content promotes a glossy coat and healthy skin.

The variety of nutrients can boost the mineral balance, which in turn can have a positive effect on diet-induced “dirt eating” by dogs and can help render such behaviour unnecessary. Moor’s unique formula can stimulate the metabolism, help to increase intestinal flora and thus promote overall food conversion.

Mineral Moor is naturally rich in goodness:
Among other things it contains calcium, which plays a major role in healthy bone formation and nerve conductors; iron, which is very important for cell respiration and haemoglobin balance, and potassium, which supports a powerful heart. Mineralmoor also supplies magnesium and sodium (0.012%) as energy providers. Versatile zinc is able to promote tissue repair, helps to create keratin and collagen which ensure a beautiful coat. Copper is important for pigmentation and is an active component of numerous enzymes, manganese can promote the formation of bones and cartilage, chromium is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, thus contributing to improved glucose absorption. Molybdenum is important for many enzymes and plays a part in breaking down uric acid. Humic acids are able to boost the immune system, helping to regenerate the intestinal mucosa and thus stabilising healthy intestinal flora. This enables the body to defend itself against bacteria, viruses and other harmful external influences. They can promote good intestinal activity and so help the body to get rid of residual waste.

Naturavetal’s Mineralmoor is a pure natural product (100% natural Moor, water, Moor), free from synthetic additives of any sort. It is suitable for every breed and age, and is eaten with relish. Mineral Moor can be served as a health-promoting aid in various diets.

Additional information

Content: 250ml
Shelf life: 2 years after production

Store tightly closed in a cool and dry place.

Straight Feed for Dogs

  • 100% Natural Moor (Water, Moor)

Moor naturally contains the following constituents:

  • Water
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium 0.012%
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum

Shake before use.

Mix 1 teaspoon into the feed for each 10 kg body weight once or twice per day.

Straight Feed for Dogs

  • Water 95.10%
  • Cry matter 4.90%
  • Raw fibre 1.40%
  • Raw protein 0.60%
  • Raw fat 0.10%
  • Raw ash 1.00%
  • N-free extracts 2.70%

Organic loss on ignition in the dry matter: 98.81%.
Inorganic residue on ignition: 1.19%.
Total humic acids: 21.30% in the dry matter.

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