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Canis Plus® Chicken Complete Meal

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  • Complete meal with chicken meat, single protein
  • An easily digestible light diet
  • Valuable millet & carrots as a healthy source of fibre
  • Natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives
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Our Chicken Complete Meal is suitable as part of a fibre-rich, light diet. It is an easily digestible classic meal for dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

The meal consists of digestible ingredients and is perfect for everyday feeding, but it is also an ideal alternative to home-cooked light food. It is especially suitable as a meal after diet-related gastrointestinal upsets. It contains fine millet and carrots, which are balm for the stomach and intestines. In addition, chicken has always been considered an easily digestible source of meat.

The Chicken flavour meal from Naturavetal® is a complete meal and offers the opportunity to feed light food without having to prepare it yourself. Tender chicken meat is considered easy to digest, gluten-free millet provides fibre and the carrots support digestion. Due to the special composition, the chicken complete meal is particularly recommended for stomach-friendly feeding as well as for stomach-sensitive dogs. The chicken meal can also be fed in combination with our other complete meals.

Our balanced complete meal recipes with carefully coordinated ingredients allow for species-appropriate feeding. Thanks to an open declaration of the ingredients and a high meat content. There are nine grain free varieties available and one variety with millet as an alternative. There is a variety of flavours available to enrich the diet, especially for sensitive dogs. 
Our complete meals are also ideally suited for feeding in combination with our cold-pressed Canis Plus® dry food. To do this, (if fed twice a day) you will serve one meal half of the indicated amount of our Canis Plus® complete meal and in the other meal half the ration of the daily amount of our Canis Plus® dry food.

After opening keep covered for 4 days in the refrigerator or freeze in portions.

All Canis Plus® Complete Meals are guaranteed to be free of synthetic additives, binders or inferior bulking agents.

Additional information

Content depending on the selected size: 400g - 800g
Shelf life: 1 year after production

All Canis Plus® Complete Meals are guaranteed free from:

  • Fillers
  • Artificial antioxidants
  • Colouring agents, preservatives, attractants and flavourings
  • Synthetic vitamins 

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Poultry meat and offal 65% (muscle meat 50%, heart, stomach, throat, liver)
  • Millet gruel 15%
  • Carrot 8%
  • Chicken meat broth 7%
  • Celery 2%
  • Hempseed oil 1%
  • Eggshell powder 1% 
  • Parsley 0.5%
  • Dandelion 0.5%

Amount of food per day - based on the dog's current body weight.

Young dogs in growth stage approx. 5-8%*
Active, adult dogs approx. 3-5%
Sedentary dogs and seniors approx. 2,5-3%

*For puppies and young dogs in growth we recommend the Canis Plus® Puppy Meals

The optimal amount of food depends on a range of factors such as the level of activity, age, season, physical & mental health and much more, this should be assessed individually.

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Raw protein 10.90%
  • Fat content 6.70%
  • Raw fibre 0.60%
  • Raw ash 2.00%
  • Calcium 0.35%
  • Phosphorous 0.24%
  • Moisture content 76.40%

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