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Canis Plus® Lamb Complete Meal

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  • Complete meal with tender lamb, single protein
  • Easily digestible - suitable for sensitive stomachs
  • Valuable rosehip, hemp seed oil & calcified seaweed
  • Natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives
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The Canis Plus® Complete Meal, a complete meal with a unique combination of ingredients. It provides a species-appropriate diet which is easy and flexible for dog owners to handle. 

The menu, containing prime meat, selected vegetables, choice herbs, high-quality hempseed oil and calcium for a wholesome diet. It is a practical alternative feeding method for holidays and raw food eaters – even for sensitive dogs. The carefully balanced recipe of complementary ingredients permits transparent feeding thanks to the open declaration. With over 65% meat from one protein source, supplemented by vegetables and fruit. This grain-free Canis Plus® Complete Meal is especially popular.

Canis Plus® Complete Meals offer an alternative to raw diets or as a tasty change from Naturavetal pure meat products such as Pots or Rolls. They are also ideal for feeding in combination with our cold pressed Canis Plus® Dry Food. To do this you serve two meals: half the stated amount of the Complete Meal in one, and half the daily ration of the Canis Plus® Dry Food in the other.

After opening keep covered for 4 days in the refrigerator or freeze in portions.

All Canis Plus® Complete Meals are guaranteed to be free of synthetic additives, binders or inferior bulking agents.

Additional information

Content depending on the selected size: 400g - 800g
Shelf life: 1 year after production

All Canis Plus® Complete Meals are guaranteed free from:

  • Fillers
  • Artificial antioxidants
  • Colouring agents, preservatives, attractants and flavourings
  • Synthetic vitamins 

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Lamb meat and offal 66% (muscle meat 52%, heart 17%, lung 15%, throat 8%, liver 8%)
  • Courgette 12%
  • Pumpkin 8%
  • Lamb meat broth 8%
  • Apples 2%
  • Hempseed oil 1%
  • Rosehip 1%
  • Nettle 1%
  • Calcified seaweed 1%

Amount of food per day - based on the dog's current body weight.

Young dogs in growth stage approx. 5-8%*
Active, adult dogs approx. 3-5%
Sedentary dogs and seniors approx. 2,5-3%

*For puppies and young dogs in growth we recommend the Canis Plus® Puppy Meals

The optimal amount of food depends on a range of factors such as the level of activity, age, season, physical & mental health and much more, this should be assessed individually.

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Raw protein 10.70%
  • Fat content 6.50%
  • Raw fibre 0.60%
  • Raw ash 1.70%
  • Calcium 0.20%
  • Phosphorous 0.15%
  • Moisture content 76.80%

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Canis Plus® Lamb