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Canis Extra Healthy Bowel - 100 ml

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The valuable ingredients from various herbs support the functioning of the digestive organs and may aid intestinal cleansing. The balance of intestinal flora is often upset by antibiotics and deworming. Canis Extra Healthy Bowel helps restore the balance between the bacteria in the intestinal flora, thus increasing immunological resistance. This quickly becomes evident from the quality and firm consistency of the stools. A normally functioning intestinal tract is colonised by billions of bacteria. These special bacterial colonies positively aids digestion and plays a key role in canine health. Simply add Canis Extra Healthy Bowel to some fresh meat, or to quark (curd cheese) or equivalent food. We recommend a regime of approx. 10 days to support the gut. This regime is best repeated between twice and four times a year. Note: a dog weighing 30 kg needs one bottle of Canis Extra Darmwohl for a 10-day regime.

Food Supplement for Dogs

  • fruit vinegar
  • elderberry juice
  • beetroot juice
  • fermented grains in liquid form
  • grapefruit seed extract
  • oregano water (from rubbed oregano)
  • artichoke water (from sliced artichokes)
  • ribwort water (from sliced ribwort)

Food Supplement for Dogs

  • raw protein: 0.19%
  • fat content: 0.43%
  • raw fibre: 0.14%
  • raw ash: 0.22%

1 ml daily (see measuring cup) per 3 kg bodyweight

Contents: 100 ml
Best before date: 1 year from date of production

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