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Canis Plus® Top-Fit-Mix Flakes

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Wholesome Top-Fit-Mix is a 100% grain-free flake mix which is perfect to feed with fish meals as a food supplement or as a vegetable/fruit substitute with BARF. Feeding flake mix also actively supports an animal’s intestinal tract and natural metabolism.

This flake mix from nature’s rich garden benefits the whole body and is full of vital energy – for top-condition vitality! Gentle air-drying retains the valuable secondary plant substances, also known as phytomins in naturopathy.

Energy using natural vitamin sources
The vital energy of berries in particular give dogs healthy natural vitality. Aronia berries, buckthorn berries and figs are excellent vitamin sources. The highly nutritional pumpkin also possesses many vitamins, is able to support digestive activity, urinary tract functioning and the immune system. Carrots, known for their high beta-carotene content which can be converted to vitamin A by dogs, contain numerous minerals and vitamins including calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and folic acid. Due to its antioxidant properties beta-carotene is also able to bind free radicals, thus contributing to cell protection. Spinach contains lots of minerals, B vitamins, vitamin C and protein.

Stimulating support for the digestion
Fruit, vegetables and herbs can positively support the whole gastrointestinal tract, improve the appetite and stimulate the production of stomach acid. Figs contain ficin, an enzyme which can attack the cuticles of worms, thus helping the body to break them down. Carrots provide the canine organism with fibre, which can support its metabolic functioning and is important for the whole digestive process. Apricots supply numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid, biotin and niacin. They provide valuable support for the whole body, can play a positive role in blood formation, and stimulate both the urinary tract and the digestive tract as a whole. Particularly biotin, niacin and lycopene are known for their positive characteristics, especially when it comes to maintaining the health of coat, skin and cells, and they can also make a positive contribution to a harmonious metabolic and endocrine system. Lush green basil can support the kidneys and urinary tract, and granulated shiitake can make a positive contribution to a healthy musculoskeletal system and liver.

Ultra-powerful boost for the whole body
Nutrient-rich chia seeds were considered therapeutic by the Mayans. With their rich levels of antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids they are a real energy source, no wonder that chia means “strength”. The mucins underneath the seed coat are soluble in water, and a mucous film is formed around the gluten-free seed. This increase in volume can stimulate bowel movement, the mucus acting as a “sliding layer” which eases the passage of food through the gut and helps get rid of deposits. Parts of the mucins can also serve as a nutrient source for the intestine’s natural bacterial flora, which in turn can form metabolic products of value to the body.

Combined with Canis Plus Meat Pots or Meat Rolls or as a natural supplement to the raw meat in BARF, Top-Fit-Mix is an ideal way to enrich meals and make your dog super fit.

Food Supplement for Dogs

  • diced pumpkin 30%
  • carrots 15%
  • spinach flakes 15%
  • granulated shiitake 12.5%
  • aronia berries 5%
  • buckthorn berries 5%
  • basil 5%
  • figs 4%
  • chia seeds 3.5%
  • apricots 3%
  • summer savory 2%

Food Supplement for Dogs

  • raw protein 8.80%
  • fat content 2.40%
  • raw fibre 6.30%
  • raw ash 5.50%
  • calcium 2490 mg/kg
  • phosphorous 4276 mg/kg
  • moisture content 11.90%

Our flakes can be used as part of a BARF diet or combined with our meat pots and meat rolls, to produce a comprehensive, nutritious diet.

The daily portion of wholesome dog food should approximately contain a 30% vegetable supplement. Simply mix the dry flakes with hot water, let it swell for at least 15 minutes, then put it in the bowl and you're done.  An easy and healthy way for modern dog feeding!  A normally active 10kg dog should receive approx. 3tbsp / 30g of flakes mixed with approx. 110ml warm water. This represents a 30% vegetable supplement to the meat.  Puppies and young dogs require approx. 5tbsp / 50g of flakes with approx. 180ml warm water per 10kg body weight.

Tip: Applied overnight, the flakes expand to create a filling volume and release a particularly fragrant aroma. For special feeding recommendations, e.g. for puppies or seniors, please call us for an individual consultation.”

Contents: 500 g - 1 kg - 3 kg depending on pack size selected
Best before date: 1 year from date of production
Store in a dry place.

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