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Canis Plus® Lamb Puppy Meal
New recipe!
New recipe!

Canis Plus® Lamb Puppy Meal

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Suitable for a gentle diet: Tender lamb meat is popular with all puppies and young dogs. Due to its easy digestibility, it is particularly suitable for puppies with sensitive stomachs and food sensitivities.
Our grain-free Canis Plus Lamb Puppy Meal contains plenty of meat and valuable offal. This savoury meal is suitable for sensitive dogs as well as for combined feeding with our other Canis Plus® puppy meals. This recipe is grain-free, with lots of tender lamb, eggshell powder as a natural source of calcium as well as parsnip, pumpkin and blueberries. This wet food for puppies is ideal for raising puppies as well as for growing young dogs. Parsnip, pumpkin and blueberries provide concentrated colour power, which supports the immune system with the help of the carotenes contained within. Thyme and hemp oil in puppy wet food round off the rich recipe.

Our Canis Plus® Puppy Meals provide a real alternative for BARF, for example on holiday. Furthermore, they can also be used to ease the transition when switching to BARF.

With our range of food for puppies and young dogs, we offer you the opportunity to raise the young dog naturally in a species-appropriate manner combining wet and dry food if desired. Our cold pressed Canis Plus Puppy and Young Dog food and our Canis Plus® Complete Meals are designed to be combined, albeit fed in separate meals.

All Canis Plus® Puppy Meals are guaranteed to be free of synthetic additives, binders or inferior bulking agents.

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Lamb meat and offal 70%
  • Lamb broth 19%
  • Parsnip 5%
  • Pumpkin 4%
  • Blueberries 1%
  • Eggshell powder 0.5%
  • Hemp oil 0.3%
  • Thyme 0.2%

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Crude protein 11.3%
  • Fat content 7.8%
  • Crude ash 2.4%
  • Crude fibre 0.3%
  • Calcium 0.41%
  • Phosphorus 0.31%
  • Moisture content 74.4%

With reference to the dog’s current body weight (BW):

Dogs up to the age of 7 months: approx. 5-8% of BW
From 7-12 months: approx. 3-5% of BW

From 13 months our Canis Plus® Complete Meals can be served.

These guide values should be individually adapted to the dog’s temperament and age.

Contents: 400 g - 800 g
Best before: 12 months from the date of production

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