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Canis Plus® Pure Rabbit

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Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free

Rabbit meat is a highly digestible alternative to the classic meat sources such as poultry and beef and is therefore well tolerated by dogs with allergies or intolerances. The aromatic rabbit meat is considered to be particularly tender and is also suitable for food sensitive dogs.

Pure Meat Rolls are 100% meat and offal from exclusively one source of animal protein. The Meat Rolls aid requirement-oriented feeding of food-sensitive dogs, as part of an elimination diet, for raw diet eaters, combined feeding, or as a prized reward. Prepared from 100% premium lean meat and offal. A condensed, concentrated, nutritious, delicious bowlful with lots of healthy natural ingredients – the natural way, in environmentally friendly packaging. Gentle preservation using our low-temperature cooking method and extra short cooking times means that the valuable nutrientss remain in optimum condition.

After opening keep covered for 4 days in the refrigerator or freeze in portions. As always, Naturavetal promises that Canis Plus Meat Rolls contain no preservatives, colouring or flavouring additives, and no animal or vegetable by-products such as feather meal, claws or horn, stems, straws or leaves.

Note: If Meat Pots or Meat Rolls are fed daily as the main meal, side dishes must be added consisting of vegetables and fruit as well as oil and calcium sources. Suitable products can be found under our supplementary feed.

Six delicious varieties: 100% gluten-free!


Food Supplement for Dogs

  • rabbit meat and offal 100% (muscle meat 54% and offal 41% (lungs, liver, heart, trachea and oesophagus), meat broth 5%).

Food Supplement for Dogs

  • crude protein 12.6%
  • fat content 9.1%
  • crude fiber 0.3%
  • Crude ash 1.8%
  • calcium 0.14%
  • phosphorus 0.18%
  • moisture content 75%

Our Pure meat products are a supplementary feed, they can be used as a tasty reward, for a snack in between meals or combined with our Canis Plus® dry food.

If our pure meat products are fed daily as part of the main meal, side dishes must be added to this product.
The daily feeding recommendation (complete feed) is measured as a percentage of the dog’s body weight in Kilograms. The feed to give a normally active adult dog is approx. 3% of their body weight, for puppies approx. 5%, and sedentary /senior dogs approx. 2.5%. The proportions calculated must be divided into 70% meat and 30% side dishes. The side dishes should be made from vegetables and fruits, as well a source of oil and calcium. You will find suitable products for this under our supplementary feed.

If feeding 2 meals a day, feed only half of the specified daily amount of Canis Plus dry food and then in the second meal half of the calculated amount of meat and vegetable side dishes and supplements.

These are guidelines and need to be adjusted individually according to the temperament and age of the dog.

Weight: 500 g
Best before date: 12 months from the date of production

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