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Dogs with healthy skin and shiny fur

A healthy and shiny coat is always a sign that the animal is well. If the fur loses its shine, is extremely shaggy and appears rather dull, this could be an indication that the animal is not optimally supplied with nutrients. There are many reasons for this such as an unbalanced feeding regime that does not provide the animal with the high-quality nutrients it needs, an increased demand such as before and during moulting, or a disturbed intestinal flora, or the presence of parasites that burden the animal etc.

If you notice that your dog’s coat looks dull and shaggy, experience has shown that it makes sense to take a closer look at the way the dog is fed.

A balanced and species-appropriate diet provides the animal with vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their natural form, this forms the basis for a healthy and vital life – this can be seen in a healthy, shiny coat. With the Canis Plus® cold-pressed dry food, we have developed a holistic concept that gives you the opportunity to access the best of nature, with a choice of different flavours that offers your pet everything they need. The brewer’s yeast, which is known for its high content of B vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as zinc, selenium, sodium or potassium, provides a variety of different amino acids. Brewer’s yeast can not only make a positive contribution to the health of skin and coat, but it also supports the entire organism. In addition, the Canis Plus® Puppy and young dog varieties, Sport, Poultry, Salmon and Lamb contain cold-pressed salmon oil, which supplies essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and thus can make another important contribution to the health of the skin, coat and claws.

Support for healthy skin

Naturavetal have some natural supplements that will support the dog during phases of increased demand, such as after a long illness, pregnancy, young and old animals or during moulting. Canis Extra Altiv is a unique composition of seaweed, fennel, dandelion and nettle, it provides a nutrient push for the organism with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements and thus supports the metabolism in the best possible way. The term metabolism is roughly understood to mean the entirety of all biochemical processes in living beings or cells. The cell absorbs nutrients and metabolises them by breaking them down or converting them and creating new substances that the organism needs, e.g., as an energy source or for the formation of new skin cells or for the coat. Problems with metabolism can therefore have very different and far-reaching consequences for the entire organism. If the intestinal mucosa has been irritated by antibiotics or chemical wormer cures, it should be brought back into balance using Canis Extra Petflora. Because an intact intestinal flora can fully absorb the nutrients that a good feed provides. Therefore, when you have problems with the skin and fur, always think of the “inside” first.

Moulting is often accompanied by itchy and flaky skin and some dogs start scratching themselves more intensely during this time. Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil can help here, as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and is characterised by a good ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It promotes healthy skin and can be applied to dry, flaky skin as well as itchy skin, it will contribute to a healthy complexion and shiny coat.

For that extra shine there is Canis Extra Salmon Oil, it contains the essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, these can help support a healthy, shiny coat, healthy skin and firm claws depending on the diet. The addition of salmon oil has also proven to be effective for dry skin with dandruff. The gentle cold pressing process retains the vitamins and the important unsaturated fatty acids. This makes Canis Plus Salmon Oil a particularly high-quality, all-natural quality product.

Naturavetal Tip

Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil, fed alternately with our Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil and Canis Extra Salmon Oil, can promote a shiny coat and supple skin. When massaged sparingly into the fur, it helps defend against parasites, even on the animal’s face. If you would like to find out more about this, take a look at our advisory article “Natural help with ticks“.

Canis Plus Brewer’s Yeast contains a multitude of B vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It can make an important contribution to healthy skin and shiny coats and is therefore not only essential for raw feeders but also for all dogs, especially during moulting or to boost a nutrient deficient diet.

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