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Feeding Rottweiler puppies

A healthy, synthetic-free feeding from the beginning is in the decision and responsibility of the new dog owners. It is also the goal of building a trusting and a clearly regulated partnership with the puppy. In this report you will learn how great and clever these masters and mistresses have been, using the strongest instinct of the dog to teach their rules. The dog is motivated and should not get the food aimlessly “handed down”, it should learn by suggestion. Clear rules give every dog ​​of every age security and an authentic bond. And as reported in this letter to Naturavetal for feeding Rottweiler puppies, it is never too late to teach an adult dog to new tricks.  All you have to do is be patient, stay focused and persevere with the plan, as a sustainable, positive change in older dogs sometimes takes a little more time. 

Naturavetal would like to share a story with you.

We are a young couple from South Tyrol, we have two Rottweilers with whom we practice a little dog sport. Our favorite sport is IPO, a great sport divided into 3 divisions: A track; B subordination; C protection service. For variety, we offer our dogs many other things that we all like. About three and a half years ago we bought our first Rottweiler, a bitch. With her we have successfully participated in exhibitions and companion dog shows. The second Rottweiler came to our family two years ago, this time a great male from a superior breeder in Germany. We wanted to raise and train this little rascal differently from the bitch.

Feeding recommendation

The little one was not presented his food bowl three times a day, but had to do something for his food from the first day. This meant several, short training sessions a day, so we simply distributed the daily feed rations throughout the day.

At the age of two months he learnt the basic commands, of course, all playful and puppy-fair. You soon noticed the difference between the two dogs, because the little one had a completely different attitude to the food. The bond of his master was much more intense. For the older bitch, it was natural that she got something to eat without any effort, as we have shown her so from a very early age. Finally, we then applied the same feed and training method to the older female. With the completion of the training method of both dogs, we also managed to change their diet.

When we only had the bitch, we fed her “normal” dry food. She sometimes seemed sluggish, impotent and often had problems with her ears, inflammations etc …. When we brought the little one, we talked to the breeder about this topic. His opinion was highly interesting to us because we saw how fit and agile his dogs were (and they were older than our dog).

He recommended Naturavetal to us, we were immediately excited tried it straight away.  Since then two years have passed and all we can say is that our dogs love the food. Whether wet or dry food, chews, just about everything. The little one was fit and totally athletic right from the beginning. We noticed a big difference in the bitch about three months later after changing the diet to Naturavetal.  She was never as lethargic, more energetic and the ear problems were also missing

You can tell the dogs have natural vitality when their fur, their teeth are noticeably fit and healthy and they really like to eat their food .Naturavetal is highly recommended! We have never been so happy, and most importantly, our dogs too!

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Need more advice on puppy feeding? The Naturavetal team will be happy to help: 0208 – 531 7804 |

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