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Natural deworming supplements

The animal in the wild would normally be looking for natural deworming methods, even herbs to solve intestinal problems, however our pets are dependent on our help. Pet owners should act responsibly by implementing a nature-oriented feeding with increased worming. Regardless of the side effects of chemical parasitic agents, there is the additional problem of resistance formation.
To avoid resistance formation, dog owners prefer natural products, more and more endoparasite infestations are used to feed supportive natural products. We therefore provide two complementary pet supplements for the dog, which can have a positive dietary effect on the intestinal environment and thus help the dog to remain naturally free of worms. Creating a hostile intestinal environment, a re-colonization can be avoided.

Vermcurat contains only the proven Kamala fruit powder as a natural means of internal intestinal care, if the animal is already infected by worms. The Asian plant Kamala Mallotus philippinensis is a tree-shaped, tropical wolf milk plant (Euphorbiaceae), from which the outer hair of the seed capsule is used for the fine, brown-red fruit powder.
Kamala Fruit Powder can help cleanse the colon, allowing parasites to be excreted through the faeces, and thus help prevent the necessity for increased worming. In addition to a healthy diet and the addition of the herb mixture Vermprevet® every quarter, it is possible to strengthen the body and less frequently resort to chemical worming.Vermcurat® – with Kamala fruit powder

This herbal and herbal blend can stabilize a resilient intestinal environment and help the animal to excrete worms more easily. The vegetable Vermprevet® can exert a positive influence on the intestinal mucosa – without damaging the intestinal flora.The natural ingredients speak for themselves: cinnamon has been used for thousands of years. Already in ancient Egypt, it was known as a gastrointestinal calmer and is also valued in the Indian Ayurvedic art for its health benefits to the digestive system.
It can provide cleansing support for fungi, bacteria and parasites. Likewise, walnut leaves in traditional medicine are considered a proven recommendation for strengthening digestion. Cloves are known as helping to reduce germs. Propolis and black cumin prophylactically support and can strengthen the intact immune system. Pineapple powder contains not only numerous vital substances, but also the important digestive enzyme bromelain with metabolism-activating properties, which can serve the natural purification processes in parasites.

Indispensable: An essential worm cure!

Regular checks of faeces samples will alert you of any worm problems. With the presence of worms, feeding Vermcurat® can support the intestinal milieu through diet. Vermcurat® supports the intestinal flora naturally, by making it a hostile environment for worms. It is indispensable and an essential worm cure.

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