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Relax into the New Year with Tranquil Pet

After a relaxed Christmas and saying goodbye to the previous year, it is time to welcome the New Year. Sometimes this can be very noisy.
If only it were just New Year’s Eve, nowadays it is common for fireworks to blast away for 2-3 days. These explosions are stressful for our pets causing alarm and panic. In many cases the fear increases each year and it becomes more difficult to cope and control, resulting in anxiety reactions such as food being refused etc… This causes stress for the owner but the dogs and cats suffer even more.


When you notice that your dog or cat is scared, it’s very important to not talk pityingly to the animal. As a strong leader you should remain calm and radiate safety, as if the noise does not affect you at all. Dogs that seek closeness should not be ignored, but try not to stroke the head and face. A light knocking and caressing on the back and shoulder is better. Putting on some pleasant music at a slightly louder volume will mask the sounds from outside.

Should your pet show signs of not eating, you can support them by using Canis Extra Tranquil Pet or Felins Plus® Tranquil Pet. This supports the nervous system thereby promoting peace and balance.
These capsules can be fed for a short period or for a longer duration depending on each individual case. Tranquil Pet is ideal for use during Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali and the New Year celebrations. When these celebrations are over, you can stop feeding Tranquil Pet.
On the other hand, if your pet has a sudden stress reaction to the loud sounds, the capsules can be fed immediately. Tranquil Pet works within an hour, depending on the existing stress levels of the animal. The feeding recommendation depends entirely on your pet or how much stress and anxiety it develops around New Year’s Eve, so feel free to call our team of experts to find the optimal feeding recommendation for your pet.

Should you have any questions on our food supplements or feeding recommendations, e.g. in situations with special requirements, please do call us, our Naturavetal Team of Experts is here to help you with advice and support for every stage of life! Call us at 0208 – 531 7804 or send us an email 

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