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Canis Plus® Beef Scalp 25cm

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  • Long lasting hard chew & good for dental care
  • Recommended for young dogs when changing teeth
  • Moderate fat content, suitable for medium to large dogs
  • Purely natural, without preservatives or additives
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Analytical Constituents

Canis Plus® Beef Scalp 25cm needs to be chewed until it is soft and is ideal for larger breeds, for example during the change of teeth between the 5th-8th month of life.

As a hard snack for prolonged chewing pleasure, it keeps the dog busy and can also promote dental hygiene. As an alternative to our firmer horse tendon or deer skin, it is ideal for strengthening the chewing muscles as well as cleaning the teeth!

Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Additional information

Content: 500g
Best before: 12 months after production

Store securely in a cool and dry place.
Please feed under supervision.

Straight Feed for Dogs

  • 100% Beef scalp

Straight Feed for Dogs

  • Raw protein 71.80%
  • Fat content 10.70%
  • Raw ash 11.40%
  • Moisture content 5.60%

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