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Natural chews for dogs - 100% beef

Beef dog treats - the classic all-natural chew

If you want to do something good for your dog or reinforce its behaviour, it's best to choose a species-appropriate and all-natural beef dog treat. These tasty snacks are available in various forms from Naturavetal®. Our chewy sausages, fur strips and dried meat treats, always have one thing in common - they are made from 100% beef. We do not use any colourants, preservatives or flavour enhancers in the production process. The hard and crunchy beef dog treats keep the animal occupied for much longer than an unhealthy cereal snack. This is because they must first be carefully nibbled and softened with saliva so that the meat becomes soft. While the dog nibbles and chews on the beef snack, it cleans its teeth and at the same time, the friction naturally loosens plaque and prevents new plaque from sticking.

A selection of Beef Gullet, Beef Scalp and Beef Hide strips

Canis Plus® Beef dog treats are available in a variety of forms. Beef gullet is a gentle crispy chew and is very popular. Dried until crispy and cut into thin strips, they offer flavoursome chewing fun and support healthy intestinal flora. Beef scalp is a low odour treat, ideal for gnawing. It is available in two different lengths. Young dogs in particular benefit from the harder beef dog snack as they effectively strengthen their chewing muscles. Our picky Four-legged friends usually accept the dried meat strips, also known as beef jerky. It is easily digestible and a suitable snack for in between meals. If you want to do something good for your pet's gastrointestinal tract, we recommend beef hide strips as a dog treat. This is because the fur bristles clean the teeth and intestines before they are excreted. These hairy bovine dog treats also have a slag-dissolving and anti-worming effect. Incidentally, they always look quite different. As they are a genuine natural product, coat colour and hair length will vary.

Beef dog snacks - tasty and species-appropriate

Naturavetal®'s Canis Plus® Beef Chewing Sausage with Blackcurrants and Dandelion is a particularly refined beef dog treat. It consists of beef, blackcurrant and dandelion. Thanks to the carefully selected recipe, dogs not only have a lot of fun nibbling, but also get important nutrients and vitamins when eating. The flavour with a mix of spicy-tart herbs and sweet-sour fruits together with the first-class beef from Germany delights the taste buds of small and large dogs alike. The sausages are air-dried and, like all other beef dog snacks, keep for at least a year after production. If you prefer to buy smaller dog treats, take a look at our Canis Plus® Beef Lung Mini treats. The pieces are perfect for rewarding your pet - even if they are slightly overweight, as the beef dog snack is particularly low in calories.