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Sport dog food for the agile animal

Every dog ​​is different in relation to their breed and their age, so each animal has special nutritional demands. If the owner acknowledges this and feeds it thoughtfully, the dog is more likely to live a long and healthy life.  As a result, there is no standard recommendation for the perfect feed amount or perfect feeding mode. However, it is important that the food is natural and cold-pressed such as Canis Plus. This is especially true for very active dogs. These include working dogs, which are always at the service of people in the police service, in rescue, in civil protection, in the hunt or on the farm. They consume above average energy. Even animals that are very agile and physically active, require more energetic dog food than a lap dog, which dozes half the day in front of the fireplace. This food providing extra energy is also known as sport dog food. We call it Canis Plus Sport, this is a cold-pressed, natural complete feed with lots of poultry meat. This high-energy sport food is suitable for active dogs and should be considered an appropriate feed. More information to follow.

The individual maintenance and performance needs of the dog

The amount of carbohydrates and proteins a dog has to eat to stay healthy changes several times in their lives because a puppy requires different amounts of food than that of a senior dog. In a adult dog, the level of activity has to be considered when choosing the correct food. Choosing a diet for maintenance and/or performance requirements. The need for maintenance characterises the energy the dog needs to keep its weight constant. In contrast, the power requirement includes additional energy necessary for working as a sled dog, police dog or other activities. The individual energy requirement of a dog also depends on five central factors:

  1. Weight and size
    In order to maintain their body temperature, a small dog needs more energy compared to a large one based on its weight. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that small dogs have a low energy requirement. In addition, the nutritional status is important. If the animal is already overweight, it requires less energy than one who is at their ideal weight.
  2. Age
    Puppy food has more calories as puppies are more energetic than senior dogs. The changes in metabolism and the lower activity of the older animal contribute to this.
  3. Seasons
    In the winter months, it is much harder for a dog with a thin coat to maintain its body temperature than in summer. Therefore, the seasons plays an important role in energy demand. Even dogs with a long, thick coat need more energy in the cold winter months. This is especially true for the outdoor dog.
  4. Breed
    Being underweight or overweight are harmful to all dogs. Therefore, one must consider the individual energy needs of the animal.
  5. Individual characteristics
    Like humans, every dog is individual and will make individual demands of its food. If the animal suffers from stress, its energy consumption is higher. The same applies to particularly agile and stormy personalities.

Which dogs have a high energy requirement?

It is difficult to make a general statement about which dogs require high-energy dog ​​food. The individual animals are too different for a standard formula to be applied. There are some dogs that have a lower energy requirement than others because of a more relaxed mood. These can be small as well as big dogs. In contrast, dogs that are more nervy have an increased energy requirement, as they react more strongly to environmental stimuli and move more. Their food should be more calorific, so they wouldn’t have to eat large quantities that would burden their digestive tract. Sport dog food is ideal for these dogs because it concentrates the energy on a normal feeding portion.

Rettungshund im Schnee

What is a working dog?

The term working dog is not an aspersion, but rather an appreciative name. The dog is needed for a specific activity. This use applies to the police service, hunting, search and rescue, disaster services, warehousing, and the detection of addictive toxins. The dogs often have to take an exam for their area of ​​operation. It involves picking up a track and tracking the track, submission and obedience, and defense service. The individual animal must also bring with it certain requirements in terms of physique and nature. Here are some examples of working dog breeds

  • German Shepherd dog
  • German Boxer
  • German Hunting Terrier
  • Rottweiler
  • Hovawart
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Doberman
  • Australian Kelpie
  • Border Collie
  • Czechoslovakian Wolfhound

Certain breeds are trained as service dogs. They are specially trained to track down drugs, explosives, ammunition, fires, money and people. They are used by the police, the military and customs. In addition to most of the already mentioned working dog breeds, these include:

  • Bouvier des Flandres
  • Airedale-Terrier
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Dutch Shepherd

Working dogs consume a high level of energy through their work. From the police dog to the hunting dog to the herding dog, sport dog food is ideally suited for them.

Hunde ziehen einen Schlitten

Why is Sport Dog Food the right thing for my dog - and what's in it?

Even if your dog is not a working dog, high-energy dog ​​food can still be the right choice for him. This usually affects dog athletes. Dog sport is diverse and includes various disciplines such as:

  • Agility
  • Eventing
  • Obedience
  • Disc dog
  • Dog dancing
  • Flyball
  • Bike- or ski-sailing

Jogging with your dog is also one of the activities that demand more energy. Canis Plus Sport supplies a high energy feed, it contains a lot of meat and fat – for optimal digestibility only from a valuable source of protein. The proportion of fresh poultry meat is over 70 percent. Solubilised whole grain brown rice as well as solubilised, peeled oats and steamed rice are additional sources of energy for the sporty dog. Salmon oil with essential omega-3 and -6-fatty acids and numerous vitamin and mineral supplied from banana to carrots to dandelion and stinging nettle are also included in Canis Plus Sport. This natural complete feed is cold pressed. This form of production ensures the important nutrients remain intact and are not destroyed by high cooking temperatures.  If you offer your energetic dog our sporty dog food, feed it appropriately and naturally.

Dog running with a Frisbee in his mouth

What should be considered when feeding Sports dog food?

Changing your dog’s diet to Sports dog food? You should implement this change without a transitional period. This is because a mixture of the previous and the Sport dog food could lead to digestsive problems due to the different food consistencies. Therefore, feed the cold-pressed dry food immediately for the entire meal. Since it is a complete food, it is not necessary to add extra food sources. Please note the recommended daily amount of feed:

Weight of dog Daily Ration
5 kg
80 g
10 kg
125 g
15 kg
165 g
20 kg
215 g
25 kg
250 g
30 kg
280 g
35 kg
340 g
40 kg
370 g
45 kg
410 g
50 kg
450 g
60 kg
510 g
70 kg
600 g

Sport food is not suitable for these dogs

Some dogs are really greedy, they do not know when they are full and cannot get enough food and treats. Some breeds like Beagle, Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Cocker Spaniel tend to be overweight and eager to eat more than they enjoy. If the animal is fatty around the ribs, a long-term feed change is necessary. Feed your dog, a naturally healthy and species-appropriate diet.

Naturavetal Info

Canis Plus dog food with a high meat content combined with a lot of exercise, you can support your animal while losing weight. However, Sport food is not the right solution here, as there is no increased energy requirement. Even if your dog suffers from a pancreatic insufficiency or other diseases and continues to lose weight despite a good appetite, you should not simply feed more and more, but seek expert advice.

Our team of experts will be pleased to help you with your individual questions: call us on 0208 – 531 7804 or send an email

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