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All-natural essential food supplement for animals fed on a raw diet: Canis Extra Seaweed Meal

Species appropriate nutrition is the most important prerequisite for good health. For all advocates of raw feeding we have developed BARF-Pro, a range of pure natural food supplements for preparing meat meals with wholesome all natural nutrients.

Canis Extra Seaweed Meal

Canis Extra Seaweed Meal is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. It mainly provides iodine as an alternative to fish for dogs on a raw food diet. It supports the excretion of toxins via the gut, and furthermore, can make a positive contribution towards maintaining the health of the immune system, tendons, ligaments, claws and coat. Irish seaweed can also intensify the colour of the coat.

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Seaweed meal can have a beneficial effect from within on the pH value of saliva which, in addition to all-natural feeding, is important for counteracting the formation of tartar.

Should you have any questions on our food supplements or feeding recommendations, e.g. in situations with special requirements. Please do call us, our Naturavetal Team of Experts is here to help you with advice and support for every stage of life! Call us at 0208 – 531 7804 or send us an email 

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