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NEW: Delicious Meat Jerkies and Horse Lung Cubes for dogs of all ages and sizes

Our dried meat snacks from horse, goat, roe deer and duck are much sought-after treats that make the hearts beat faster of young dogs, seniors, large, small as well as miniture dogs. Depending on the individual needs of your dog, you can choose between 4 different flavours. They are suitable for allergy sufferers and food-sensitive dogs because they are made from a single protein. 100% gently dried meat from either horse, goat, roe deer or duck. The jerky snacks are all relatively soft, so you can easily break them into smaller pieces by hand. Dogs of all sizes, older dogs and even puppies and young dogs therefore get along very well with our dried meat strips and will not be without them once they have been tasted.

Canis Plus® Meat Jerky Strips

Naturavetal Snack for dogs - Horse Meat Jerky
Naturavetal Snack for dogs - Roe Deer Meat Jerky
Roe Deer
Naturavetal Snack for dogs - Duck Meat Jerky
Naturavetal Snack for dogs - Goat Meat Jerky

Ther are several flavours to choose from. Horse and goat contain little fat and are therefore suitable for dogs who tend to be overweight. While the dried meat snacks with roe deer and duck have a higher fat content and are popular rewards for active dogs who like to exercise and can make good use of an extra portion of energy during exercise and training.

We not only offer dried meat snacks for dogs we also now offer easily digestible, low-fat horse lung cubes, which is a happy bonus for allergy sufferers. Our horse lung cubes are gently dried, they do not contain artificial additives or preservatives and is therefore also very suitable for food-sensitive dogs.

Naturavetal Snack for dogs - Horse Lung cubes
Horse Lung Cubes

Should you have any questions about feeding and changeover, please contact our team of experts. We are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm on 020 85317804 and look forward to your call.

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