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NEW: Delicious chews for both large and small dogs

Made from lamb, goat, horse, and deer, our new snacks are highly digestible alternatives to the classic meat sources such as chicken and beef. They are recommended for dogs with allergies and food sensitive dogs.

Canis Plus® Lamb Pizzle Sticks Lamb Pizzle Sticks are an excellent, long-lasting chew for small dogs like pinschers, shih tzu and pugs. The chew is both hard and elastic at the same time, so that small dogs have to salivate and are able to gnaw on it for a long time.

Canis Plus® Horse Scalp together with our Canis Plus® Deer Skin, is the long-awaited alternative to our popular Beef Scalp. They are ideal for allergy sufferers and food sensitive dogs.

Canis Plus® Mini Treats Lamb Lung and Canis Plus® Mini Treats Goat Lung  expand our series of treats for quick tasty rewards, especially during training.

Good solid chews can fulfil various functions for the dog.  A lengthy gnaw can train the chewing muscles and this occupation can also help reduce stress. Mastication can also promote dental hygiene. Proper dental hygiene is very important for the dog, because once the dog has solid deposits on its teeth, it is usually difficult to remove this tartar by simple brushing.  In our advisory article “Teething and Dental Hygiene in Dogs“, we explain about dental hygiene in dogs and show how you can support your dog.

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