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Dogs and cats shed their coats twice yearly at the beginning of summer and winter. The old coat is shed over a period of up to 2 months to make room for new coat.

In order to be able to form a new coat, the dog must be able to access the necessary building blocks. These building blocks must be sufficiently present so that the dog is even able to moult without skin problems. During this phase there is an increased need for nutrients in which the dog prepares for the change of coat.

There is no fixed period of time for the moulting phase. Moulting can take a long time due to under nutrition. It should be noted, of course, that the moulting phase is not a fixed period of time. Dogs that spend the whole year in a uniform temperature, are often in a slight permanent fur change, so the coat is then sometimes glossier than at other times.

Basically, you should brush your dog more often during the change of coat to aid the process and to relieve the dog. However, should you notice that your dog needs longer than usual for the change of coat (3-8 weeks) or the coat just gets duller and duller, it makes sense, according to experience, to look at the nutritional needs of the dog in more detail. Because every dog ​​is an individual and, despite the most careful of diet plans, it could be that extra support is required.


100% natural nutrition: This is a balanced and species-appropriate diet that provides the animal with natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their natural form. This forms the basis for a healthy and vital life. It is also recognizable by the shiny coat. With the Canis Plus feed selection, you have a concept at your fingertips that gives you the opportunity to get the most out of nature and to offer your pet everything he or she needs. Convenience at hand, making it achievable to access the best of nature and to be able to offer your pet everything they need.

During periods of increased need, such as after a prolonged illness, for pregnant bitches, young or old animals preparing to shed their coat, we have a natural supplement to help. Canis Plus Active is a feed-related nutrient boost up.  It has a unique composition, consisting of calcified seaweed, fennel, dandelion and nettle. This provides the organism with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements and thus supports the metabolism in the best possible way. It has been proven that the Canis Extra Active supports a coat change. Two months before the coat change, feed Canis Extra Active for 6-8 weeks, i.e. in November / December and July / August.
For the extra shine, we recommend taking  Canis Extra Salmon Oil or Krill Oil.  The essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids it contains can support a healthy shiny coat, healthy skin and solid claws all year round.
In addition, brewer’s yeast is a valuable support. Brewer’s yeast contains many B vitamins and enzymes that have been proven especially for skin and moulting coats. It is easy to apply, feed for 6 – 8 weeks up to 3 times a year.

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