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Natural help against ticks

Even with the cooler winter temperatures, ticks are already awake at 7 ° C.  These blood-sucking parasites such as ticks and fleas seek their meals on our dogs and cats.  Every year spring starts the season of ticks and the ritual for tick prevention cannot be avoided. Ticks can transmit diseases that pose a danger to humans and animals.

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Anyone who is vigilant and supports their pet with natural defense products is on the safe side right away. We recommend a completely natural all-round protection, which serves both externally and internally as a defence against blood-sucking parasites.

We offer the right supplements to support your pet with Canis Extra Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Oil, Canis Extra Brewer’s Yeast and Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil . We also offer a natural product for defense and basic immunization against ticks and other pests in the form of Canis Extra Defense Complex.

The danger of ticks to your dog

The tick belongs to the bloodsucking ectoparasites. They lurk in bushes and grasses on the path or forest edge and waits for their opportunity. As soon as a suitable host passes, they drop and cling to his/her coat or clothes. They look for a suitable place to suck blood. During this process, diseases can be transmitted from the tick to the host. Lyme disease is one of the most well-known diseases, but more and more dogs are also suffering from anaplasmosis. Even for humans, the tick can be very dangerous, because we can also suffer from Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis. While previously warned against ticks in the southern regions of Germany, they have spread today in the north. The mild winters contribute to the rest, because ticks are hardy and can tolerate minus degrees for quite a while. It is a fact they can be found nationwide.

Our defence programme at a glance

Canis Extra Defence Complex –  the basic protection against ticks and fleas 
Our defense against ticks and fleas contains tea tree oil from certified organic farming or wild growth, neem oil and jojoba oil and lavender oil and is rubbed daily for 3 weeks in the course of the so-called primary immunization (please note application recommendation). After completion of the basic immunization, Naturavetal Defense Complex is applied 2-3 times a week, providing long-lasting and natural protection not only against ticks but also against other pests.

Canis Extra Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Oil- the all-rounder of the highest natural quality
Black cumin oil has become increasingly popular in recent years. While initially it was more about a feed-related support of the immune system in defense weaknesses and abnormalities of the respiratory tract, it soon became clear that it had other advantages. Black cumin oil contains, in addition to unsaturated omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, the saponin melanthin, the bitter substance nigellin and thymoquinone. It can have a mitigating/lessening effect on allergies as well as support a healthy intestinal flora through its positive properties. In 2014, 18-year-old Alexander Betz examined the connection between black cumin oil and the absence of ticks on his dog during a pupil experiment at “Jugend forscht” (see The experiment might suggest that ticks, after having mixed black seed oil into their feed, found the dogs to be less attractive. Canis Extra Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Oil – the all-rounder in the highest, all-natural quality

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Many plants produce antibodies that we know as phytochemicals. They are commonly found in the form of essential oils they can be ingested or applied to the body, to help the external defense.

Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil– for perfect support inside and out
Organic coconut oil is a versatile all-rounder. Used externally, it can be massaged into the coat as a helpful tool against tick defence, as well as administered internally added to the feed. If you are planning a walk in the forest and meadow, you can easily rub a small amount of coconut oil in your fingers and massage the dog or cat into the coat. The lauric acid contained is perceived as unpleasant by the ticks, so they refrain from attaching itself to the host. Coconut oil also supports internally, a specified amount can be mixed to the feed. Dogs and cats like to eat the coconut oil and inwardly benefit from the many positive properties of the coconut oil. Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil – perfect support for both inside and out.

Canis Extra Brewers Yeast – not just for a shiny coat
Brewer’s yeast promotes the health of the coat, claws and to all sorts of abnormalities in the skin. It contains many B vitamins and enzymes that have been proven especially beneficial during the coat change and also supports the healthy intestine. But that’s not all: Brewer’s yeast can also make a positive contribution to the defense of ticks, as they dislike the smell of B vitamins.

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We recommend that you search the dog after each walk for the bloodsuckers and remove any ticks attached to your animal immediately. Daily screening of your pet for ticks is therefore of great importance, since the pathogens are only transferred from the tick to the host after 12-24 hours of solid acidification. If you are not sure how to do it properly (for example, with the help of a tick card or tweezers), please do not hesitate to ask. If the tick is removed incorrectly e.g. the head of the tick gets stuck, it can have dire health consequences for your dog!

Some of our natural, gentle aids against pests can be used together as they compliment each other, e.g. in regions where the population density of the tick is very high. It makes sense to provide an external and an internal support. If that is not enough, depending on the residential area, you can combine everything. Because with pure natural products: diversity helps!


If you live in the city with your dog and rarely go for a walk in the countryside, we recommend that you spray our Canis Extra Parasite complex directly onto the dog’s coat right in before the walk in the green areas of the city. This briefly covers the dog’s smell and can thus provide temporary protection. However, if you regularly drive with the four-legged into the countryside such as field, forest and meadows, we highly recommend the holistic protection by a species-appropriate feeding, which will relieve the metabolism in combination with our Canis Extra defense complex.


Do you have any questions or need advice on tick protection, care or animal welfare?
Our team of experts will advise on: 0208 – 531 7804

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