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My dog is allergic – What to do

Our dogs have evolved so far in human civilization that they too, can be burdened with all kinds of diseases caused by permanent environmental pollution and unclean food sources. Pets can develop many diseases of the same diseases and intolerances that humans suffer from. Allergies are a prime example of this. This phenomenon is now considered to be one of the most widespread modern developments of our time. These days food allergies to wheat and other grains are a major problem in dogs, but our pets also struggle with pollen allergies. Dog owners tend to know these facts, so a natural and species-appropriate diet is important right from the start in order to prevent problems in the future. However, once a diagnosis has been made, the demands for optimal feeding increases dramatically, because an allergy in dogs can be due to environmental factors such as poor nutrition, a common cause.

The best food for my allergic dog

We know that dog owners want the best for their pet. We try to support this endeavor with our food by ensuring that the carnivorous dog gets everything needed to achieve a vital quality of life through their daily food. Our dog food is ideally suited for allergy sufferers because we do not use synthetic additives. If the pet has developed an allergy, the risk of further intolerance should not be underestimated. If the diagnosis is a pollen allergy, a change in diet to a naturally pure feed is advisable. Additives aid the higher acceptance of inferior food and are unnecessary additions that burden the body with potential allergy triggers. Our dog food does not contain wheat, soy or dairy products, and we do not use any colourants, flavorings or preservatives in the production. We also do not use inferior ingredients such as feather meal, claws or horn. Food for dogs with allergies should be gluten-free and also contain only one source of protein. This kind of a diet is the best prevention against lifestyle diseases. Optimal feeding paves the way for a symptom-free quality of life for dogs that are already sick. An increase in the dog’s appetite will show that it tastes great and the owner can see the benefits from the shiny fur, the strong muscles, the joy of life and the healthy vitality of the dog.

Maintaining a healthy dog life despite allergies

Allergy symptoms can be excruciating and very stressful for both humans and animals. Searching for the allergy trigger can be a long and arduous journey. Once the optimal dog food has been found, the owner should not make any further changes to the diet. You can never rule out that there are more allergy triggers. Experiments are generally risky when dealing with allergies in dogs. To be on the safe side, the concerned dog owner should stick to the food they trust. Naturavetal guarantees the quality of both the raw materials and the manufacturing process for all feed types. Only highly digestible, unadulterated ingredients are used. This ensures that the dog’s energy and nutritional needs are met. Our naturally pure and species-appropriate food ensures digestibility, availability and tolerance, which the active metabolism needs for its function. These properties enable the dog’s organism to build up a healthy and stable intestinal flora. The dog owner cannot provide a better health prophylaxis. Therefore, a high quality natural food is best suited for dogs with allergies. Our quality manufacturers can guarantee the constant composition of the food, enabling allergy sufferers a permanently healthy life.

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Exploring the allergy trigger

Dog allergies can be difficult to diagnose. Unspecific symptoms can indicate numerous causes, and the problem is that the dog cannot answer the veterinarian’s questions. If there is a suspicion of a food allergy, the difficult search for the cause begins.

Processed dog food contains a large number of ingredients, so the exclusion diet is difficult to follow accurately. There are dogs who cannot tolerate gluten and other substances contained in cereals and who develop allergies primarily from wheat. That is why we have always avoided wheat and other types of cereals containing gluten. In addition, we offer various options in our range on how to feed your dog completely grain-free or with high-quality, gluten-free grain alternatives. We have grain free alternatives in both our dry and wet foods.

Our dry food varieties of Canis Plus® Salmon (also available as small pellets) and Canis Plus® Beef contain the well-tolerated, digestible soluble hulled millet as a gluten-free alternative. The brown millet provides a raw fibre that is fibre rich (for healthy intestinal activity), various minerals, vitamins, trace elements and valuable silicon. Should you require a grain free feed, you can feed our Canis Plus® Rabbit which uses a grain-free knotweed buckwheat. Buckwheat does not contain gluten and is particularly rich in nutrients and essential amino acids.

If you suspect that your dog may have developed an allergy or intolerance and would like to feed dry food, it is best to try our Canis Plus® Salmon or Canis Plus® Rabbit. They are ideal for allergic dogs, as they do not contain these well-known allergens. Feeding these flavours could spare the afflicted allergy sufferer an exclusion diet, which can last several months. Our Canis Plus® Puppies and Young Dogs Salmon are ideal for puppies and young dogs who may also be sensitive.

For extremely allergic dogs that can only tolerate one meat source, we offer a possible solution. Our Canis Plus® InsectVetal® can be used in combination with a compatible meat source and a corresponding supplement. Canis Plus® InsectVetal® is a gentle cold pressed dry food offering pure, natural ingredients, with insect protein from the larva of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) and with nutrient-rich vegetable supplements. Insect larvae are completely unknown to dogs as a food source, and combined with natural wholegrain rice, which only has a small allergic potential, making Canis Plus® InsectVetal® a suitable source of food, especially for very allergic or sensitive dogs.

High-quality, natural food for dogs with allergies is advantageous in that it can guarantee the greatest possible safety against adverse reactions. It is safe because natural foods do not contain any allergenic substances as well as providing the dog with all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet.

Some dogs, with a very sensitive or heavily loaded digestive system, get along better with a low-carbohydrate diet. Here we primarily recommend the grain-free Canis Plus® complete meals or our grain-free meat rolls and pure meat pots with supplements. In this way, you can control the proportion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You can either prepare vegetables and fruits yourself or use one of our nutritious flake mixes. Our Canis Plus® Top-Fit-Mix is completely grain-free and our Canis Plus® Vit / Min variety flakes contain easily digestible millet providing a valuable source of fibre.

Naturavetal information

If a dog develops an intolerance or allergy, this could be caused by any source of meat that the dog has eaten in the past. To narrow down the culprit, different meat sources should be introduced that the dog is unfamiliar with – meat that has never been eaten, either in the main food or as a snack. Poultry and beef are the classic meat sources that are fed, so meat sources such as horse, goat, buffalo, or rabbit are ideal, as these are often unknown and untried.

However, should the dog be allergic to many of these meat sources, food with insect protein offers a possible alternative to enrich the menu with a compatible food. Experience has shown that it is possible that dogs given only one source of meat will at some point react to this source of meat and, as a result of this one-sided feeding, no longer be able to tolerate it. Our InsectVetal® offers an alternative to avoid this one-sided feeding. This may delay further intolerance reactions or avoid it completely.

Suitable meat sources for dogs with allergies

Our Canis Plus® Meat Rolls of horse, goat or rabbit are very practical because they can be fed as a basic source of meat. To do this, you add different types of vegetables and fruits piece by piece to find out what your dog can tolerate well. Chews should also be from the same meat source that is used for feeding.

Canis Plus® Complete Horse Meal stands out with its simplicity. It simply contains high-quality horse meat, zucchini, pumpkin, and salmon oil as well as organic eggshell powder as a source of calcium. This special recipe makes our complete horse meal an ideal recommendation for allergy sufferers and food-sensitive dogs and it can also be easily integrated into an exclusion diet.

Our Canis Plus® Complete Buffalo Meal is well suited for allergy sufferers, as buffalo is a type of meat that is still relatively rarely processed in dog food.

Canis Plus® Puppy Goat Meal is recommended for allergic and food-sensitive puppies and young dogs. Goat is a rarely processed source of meat and is therefore often easily tolerated.

Canis Plus® InsectVetal® can be combined as a supplementary feed with our pure meat pots and rolls, as well as with our complete menus and thus enrich the diet of allergy-prone dogs.

Our team of experts will be happy to help you. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 4.00pm on +44 20 8531 7804.

Diagnosis by a Veterinarian or a Therapist

Should non-specific symptoms persist over a long period of time, a veterinarian or an animal healer should always be consulted. If an allergic disease is suspected, dog owners and diagnosticians work hand in hand to investigate the cause. In the case of a food allergy, a sometimes lengthy exclusion diet (such as the Canis Plus® meat rolls or Canis Plus® pure meat cans mentioned above) can help, other triggers such as pollen allergy can also be detected by a blood test or bioresonance analysis.

With regards to allergic reactions, the animal organism will release histamine as a defence, leading to itching, reddening and other symptoms. These allergic-inflammatory reactions will also result in increased oxidative stress in the tissue. Allergic animals often have a deficiency in zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid and vitamin C. Chronic deficits, in turn, can worsen allergic reactions.

Naturavetal Information

Feed allergies can in principle and in the long term be alleviated with a change in diet. A high-quality, natural food for dogs with allergies is the basis of this therapy. A prophylactic approach is advisable. A healthy, holistic natural diet on a species-appropriate basis is the best possible way to support the health of your dog‘s organism.

The benefits of intestinal cleansing for dogs with allergies

The intestinal microflora in a weakened state, like an allergy, will need support to restore the balance between its own microbes and those of others. If this balance is disturbed over a longer period of time, allergic skin reactions and hypersensitivity to grass and pollen, for example, can occur. Allergies have their origin in a disturbed intestinal flora, so one should always support the intestine with all allergies.

In order to bring the microbial flora back into a healthy balance, it may be necessary, in addition to a species-appropriate natural diet, to increase the good intestinal bacteria by adding a natural supplementary feed for a period of weeks to months. Canis Extra Petflora is suitable for this, as it supports the intestinal balance with lactobacilli, vitamins, and minerals, as well as beta-glucans for the immune system. You can read more about this in our advisory article “The beneficial intestinal rehabilitation”.

Should you have any questions on this topic, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10am to 4 pm on 0208 – 531 7804 or by email:

Naturavetal Tip- Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil to support itchy dry skin

Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil contains a large number of unsaturated fatty acids and has a good ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. It can be applied to dry, flaky and itchy skin, thus contributing to a healthy complexion and shiny coat. The linoleic acid is beneficial for the coat and skin because it promotes cell structure and benefits the joints and the immune system.

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