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Two dogs with long fur


Shedding Dogs and cats shed their coats twice yearly at the beginning of summer and winter. The old coat is shed over a period of up to 2 months to make room for new coat. In order to be able to form a new coat, the dog must be able to access the necessary building [...] read more >

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Zwei Katzen auf einer Wiese

First steps to BARF for Cats​

First steps to BARF for Cats BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet) guarantees an incredibly high nutrient intake and is certainly one of the best ways to healthily feed a cat. No matter if you are a homebody or an adventurer, the small hunters need a large amount of meat to meet their biological needs [...] read more >

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Barfen beim Hund

First steps to BARF for Dogs​

First steps to BARF for Dogs We would like to share a few helpful tips with all those who are interested in partially or even switching to barefoot BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet). No matter what type of feed you choose for your dog, it is always important to find the right balance between [...] read more >

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Verschiedene Kräuter und Blumen

Canis Extra Tausendgrün Organic Herbs for BARF​

Canis Extra Tausendgrün Organic Herbs for BARF Naturavetal’s choice blend of gently air-dried organic herbs for dogs provides vitamins and minerals in exactly the form employed for centuries by Nature. The vital elements in the organic blend of herbs for BARF enrich the menu and supplement a meat diet with balance, versatility and variety. Naturavetal’s [...] read more >

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Verschiedene Kräuter

Helpful Herbs​

Helpful Herbs Even in prehistoric times plants were used as valuable treasures of nature against diseases. Their mysterious healing properties were already proven, but still unexplored scientifically. Then as now, plants are still used as remedies and are also recognized medically. In many countries, there is a long tradition of herbalists treating their patients with [...] read more >

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Katze läuft aus einem Schuppen

Feeding tips after neutering​

Feeding tips after neutering It is often said that one should alter the diet after neutering, because neutered animals tend to become fat. After neutering, many dog ​​and cat owners are faced with the question of what they will feed their pets from now on. A reduced-fat diet, a protein reduced or simply grain-free diet? [...] read more >

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Zwei Hunde mit langem Fell

Canis Plus® Puppy Menus with lots of meat ​

Canis Plus® Puppy Menus with lots of meat To give you and all new puppy owners maximum flexibility and provide you with more feeding options, we have created 3 new Complete Meals for puppies and young growing dogs. Every one of them without grains but with lots of meat and valuable Moor. This provides a [...] read more >

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Verschiedenes Obst und Gemüse

Vital Vitamins ​

Vital Vitamins The word “vitamins” comes from Latin: “Vita” meaning “life”. Vitamins are vital – especially for the health of our animals, because without vitamins, the proteins, carbohydrates and fats cannot be fully employed. Every day millions of biochemical reactions take place in the bodies of dogs and cats. Vitamins support body processes and are [...] read more >

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Hund auf einer Wiese

My dog eats faeces – what can I do? ​

My dog eats faeces – what can I do? The fact that dogs eating the faeces of other carnivores or herbivores is a very common phenomenon and usually perceived by the owner as annoying or unpleasant. This is called coprophagy. Nature shows, however, that even the wolf and wild dogs sometimes gnaw on tree bark, [...] read more >

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Hund auf einer Wiese

Feeding Rottweiler puppies

Feeding Rottweiler puppies A healthy, synthetic-free feeding from the beginning is in the decision and responsibility of the new dog owners. It is also the goal of building a trusting and a clearly regulated partnership with the puppy. In this report you will learn how great and clever these masters and mistresses have been, using [...] read more >

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Verschiedene Kräuter und Beeren

Important secondary phytochemicals​

Important secondary phytochemicals What are bitter compounds, tannins, flavonoids? Anyone involved in healthy natural nutrition can increasingly read about important secondary phytochemicals such as bitter compounds, tannins and flavonoids and their important beneficial properties. But what do these much-used terms actually mean? In plants and berries there are not only minerals and trace elements present, [...] read more >

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Welpe liegt im hohen Gras

Healthy puppy food: The right start in life ​

Healthy puppy food: The right start in life It is a big responsibility to look after a new creature. There are so many questions that concern the fresh puppy owners, that sometimes it is not easy to keep track and opt for a straightforward parenting and feeding concept. Even for experienced dog owners, raising a [...] read more >

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Hund kaut auf einem Kauknochen

Dog – Teething

Dog – teething The dog is a preying animal and is naturally equipped with a perfected tool. At birth, the puppy is toothless. At the age of about 3 weeks, 28 milk teeth appear through the gums to freedom. These sharp teeth are gradually shed from the 12th week of life. The change of teeth [...] read more >

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Hund läuft auf einem Feld

Diarrhoea in dogs – causes and feeding tips​

Diarrhoea in dogs – causes and feeding tips A problem that affects every dog ​​owner sooner or later is diarrhoea in the dog or soft faeces/stools. In the rarest cases, this is a sign of a disease, but diarrhoea indicates a detoxification or intolerance. An accompanying laxity can only be seen if the diarrhoea lasts days [...] read more >

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Beagle in der Natur

Food for the Senior Dog and the Senior Cat​

Food for the Senior Dog and the Senior Cat Senior Dog and Cat food can be found in almost every pet food store – special feed for the senior dog and senior cat. We also receive requests for food specially designed for the senior dog or the senior cat – we deliberately do not offer [...] read more >

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Wurmbefall unter dem Mikroskop dargestellt

Natural deworming supplements

Natural deworming supplements The animal in the wild would normally be looking for natural deworming methods, even herbs to solve intestinal problems, however our pets are dependent on our help. Pet owners should act responsibly by implementing a nature-oriented feeding with increased worming. Regardless of the side effects of chemical parasitic agents, there is the [...] read more >

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Sennenhund in der Natur

All-natural food supplement for BARFers: Canis Extra Seaweed Meal

All-natural essential food supplement for animals fed on a raw diet: Canis Extra Seaweed Meal Species appropriate nutrition is the most important prerequisite for good health. For all advocates of raw feeding we have developed BARF-Pro, a range of pure natural food supplements for preparing meat meals with wholesome all natural nutrients. Canis Extra Seaweed [...] read more >

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Schokolade mit der Aufschrift "Toxic"

Chocolate is dangerous for your dog

Chocolate is dangerous for your dog This guide explains why chocolate is so dangerous for your dog and what the symptoms of chocolate poisoning look like.  In the event of suspected poisoning we would like to advise you of the important measures to undertake and what the chances of success can be. Chocolate and all [...] read more >

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